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How long after laparoscopy can I have sex?


Sorry to be blunt! I had my first laparoscopy 10 days ago. They found endometriosis and removed it. They said I shouldn’t use tampons for a few weeks because it might be sore and to use pads for the bleeding. How long do I have to wait to be able to have sex? Obviously the time frame will differ for everyone, but I am just scared about it being painful and wondered if anyone could give me any advice. I hope nobody thinks this is too crude! I’m not going to lie, I have enjoyed the break (don’t tell my boyfriend), but I’m only human! Haha! X

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I was scared the first time having sex after my laparoscopy, mainly because I didn’t want my partner to feel bad if he did accidentally hurt me.

I was just quite cautious of my two incision areas and left it a couple of weeks but then had no pain at all when we did do it again.

Just go with whatever you feel comfortable with, I didn’t want to do it if I thought a movement or twist would potentially hurt me and so did it when I felt most recovered

Thank you yellow warrior! Much appreciated! X

I only managed a week - whoops!

Best thing is to take it slow, make sure you feel up for it, have a safe word if it gets too much / too sore / weird feeling. Perhaps start with taking time with foreplay and a nice bath to relax, be prepared that it may not go all the way to penetration and his climax so chat about that first so you're both not disappointed. Explain to your boyfriend about how if things hurt it's just healing and it will get better in time. Choose positions you know you can both control the depth of easily.

Above all have fun and giggles - seriously it helps with the mood - tension and an expectation do not help. Just remember he'll be feeling nervous too as he'll think he's going to hurt you, so he may be the one whom wants to wait longer than you!

See how you feel when you think you're ready to do things - expect it to be a little crampy the next day so perhaps have painkillers and hot water bottle on standby. I spotted a bit too the next day.

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Thanks farahziya! Really appreciate the advice and tips! Will try over the next few days! Fingers crossed! X

I waited until my abdomen wasn't sore, I could sleep comfortably in different positions, etc. I think it was well over a month before I felt up to it, and it was fine, but I didn't rush it, either.

Be kind to yourself, and please give yourself a break. Your boyfriend will be fine. (And if he can't cope while you're recovering from surgery, what does that say about him?)


I was told to wait 6 weeks which I did and all was fine

I think until any pelvic bleeding had ceased or two weeks was recommended for mine x

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