Lap done today no endo?

Lap done today no endo?

Hello all! Had my lap done today by the consult couldn't find any obvious endo. He mentioned my womb was enlarged and possible condition adenomyosis?? Either way an a bit gutted but also unsure what is causing my pain. Have had the merina coil fitted. Dodged any stitches which is good but the shoulder nerve pain is waking me up first thanks to the gas they used to inflate! I was warned about it lol. Hope you're all okay xx

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Hey there, the exact same thing has just happened to me! I had mine last Monday and had the coil fitted and they said could see any endo but my womb was enlarged or something. I already have a appointment with gastro as most my pain is round my bowel(when endo was found before) so I thought it was that again! Maybe go to your docs and see what they think should happen now. Oh the gas pain is the worst I had it all week! It hurt when I breathed that's the worst bit. My bladder and bowel didn't wake up from the anastetic so ended up with a catheter and having a enema and they said as soon as you go to toilet it will be better.

Hope your feeling ok xx

Blimey!! How funny that's the same. Oh god yeah the shoulder pain kept me awake more as I can't breathe - one is better this morning. Haven't got out of bed just yet but was up at 3am nexking more codeine.

I seem to have low labour pains ALL THE TIME. Then it ramps up by evening like labour does and back ache that I feel like I've put it out (to the point I've had Physio and chiro)....

I don't know weather I should continue with my danazol? I assume not as they're hormone controlling....

Need to speak to the docs I think as I'm a bit clueless. The consultant was a bit blasé about the diagnosis and didn't seem fussed.

Hope you get answers soon xx

Sounds like classic Adenomyosis , try to research it ( Google endopaedia articles by Dr.David Redwine, they're brilliant) keep a log of your symptoms and get a referral back to gynae armed with your information! Good luck ladies xx

Ps I had hysterectomy 6 months ago after suffering with pelvic pain for years the last 18months before op were awful, wasn't treated or taken seriously and ended up paying privately, best money I have ever spent-I have my life back !

Hi! This is so weird! I had my lap done yesterday too and they sound no endo with me either. They did find that my bowel was very lively and very full. Apparently it's supposed to go to sleep when you do but mine didn't... Gotta start another ball rolling now in regards to my bowel 😕

In lots of pain today though and my throat is mega sore. I'll get there though just need to man up 😁 Hope you're recovering well x

How odd bless you! They said every thing looked alright on mine but the womb was swollen so could be adenomyosis but he wasn't fussed as the merina should help. I'm feeling fobbed off today. Also tired and sore.... The shoulder pain from the gas is getting me more! I can't get comfy. Make sure you look after yourself too yeah xxx hugs xxx

Be very glad he found no Endo. you don't, want it! Having the Mirena is a good move, it might give you period like pains until it settles. Shoulder pain- ask the hospital staff to give you as much pain relief as you can and then tell your Consultant BEFORE you are discharged; that you would like to be referred on about this shoulder pain.. I wish you well.

Oh im home from there since5 yesterday! I legged it out of there xx

Ps the shoulder pains are from the gas they use to inflate you xx

Hi! My lap in 2007 showed no endo however it did show adhesions on the left hand side. Believing I had nothing wrong with me, I soldiered on taking larger quantities of pain meds until last year when I realised the pain had taken over my life. My total hysterectomy and BSO in Feb this year showed Stage 4 endo with severe adhesions sticking my womb, tube and ovary to my left ureter, sigmoid colon and left pelvic wall.

If you are still in pain, please don't leave it as long as I did before asking for help. Last week I finally had my referral appointment in the BSGE clinic and I asked the surgeon (who had carried out the original lap in 2007) to review the images. He admitted that I had probably had a flare up of endo that had started the adhesion formation process but that it was obviously difficult to see.

Fertility was never an issue for me, however 'soldiering on' could leave a woman with major fertility issues....

Love Julie-Liza xx

Hi - this is a good site for adenomyosis



Thank you that's great I haven't found much xx

It's apparently a common condition but there is very little info out there. I would read your way through the site, there is quite a lot of good info on there. x

I had Adenomyosis and endo, I had a hysterectomy last July for it, and although I feel better than I did, I'm still not right, I'm now under a bsge specialist centre and due to have another laparoscopy to see if anything was missed, adenomyosis can cause horrid Ain, like labour pain and back aches,

If you are not under a bsge specialist centre I would look into that ,

Good luck

What's a BSGE centre? Googles!! Thanks xx

Have a look at Lindle;s post on this

Hi Lou

We shouldn't assume this is adenomyosis. In your previous post you describe bad periods since you were a teen, constant pelvic pain, back ache, bloating, exhaustion and sciatica/restless leg. These are symptoms of adeno but also those of endometriosis behind the uterus affecting the bowel.

The surgeon says he didn't find any 'obvious' endo which suggests he didn't look far. In general gynaecology it is common not to look further than the uterus and ovaries but the most problematic endo is not obvious unless thoroughly searched for.

Once the report is back with your GP (may take a couple of weeks) come back and let us know what it says as to where he looked. These reports can be very revealing not so much for what they say but for what they don't say. Since your symptoms are likely to continue I suggest you get a referral to a BSGE endo centre if you are in England. They will do more thorough investigations.

In the meantime let yourself rest and recover. Incidentally exhaustion and restless leg are symptoms of anaemia. I suggest you get your iron and vitamin B12 levels checked.

The shoulder pain is just irritation of the nerves on the diaphragm from the lap gas as I expect you know. This should pass so I don't expect you will need a referral for that as has been suggested.

Thanks very much you know your stuff! I'm just battling knowing my body and knowing somethings up! Especially since having my little one. I've always known something wasn't right but assumes it was just me being unlucky in life with pretty crampy periods and even got diagnosed with vaginismus had counselling and IBS since 18 thanks to the pain. I was told my tbe nurse who initially saw me that he thinks I've been self managing without knowing all these years by being on pill after pill and implant etc. Everything's worse since childbirth I've just kinda plodded on. I've seen a friend go through some horrendous laps with scarring endo cysts and fused bowels so never thought in a million years mine was bad enough or even close to what she had. Here's hoping the merina works!! Thanks for your advice xxx

So it turns out my consultant was leading an investigation to the death of a mother who died giving birth to twins in 2012. Mr Owen cooper... Northampton General :/

Oh and I feel I'm being mean but he's not even an endo listed gone elsewhere (privately)

Clinical interests

• General gynaecology • Pelvic pain • Heavy periods (Menorrhagia) • Minimal access surgery/hysteroscopy

Hmmmm. Nice guy but not sure he's the one for finding much! Good at hysterectomies apparently which he mentioned to me despite no one ever discussing a hyster with me to this point! I was a little taken back lol

My nearest clinic is John Radcliffe in Oxford (been there with a mate for the consultant too)... Northampton claims to have a endo clinic on their website! Nope they don't ... Interesting.

An enlarged uterus is a sign of adenomyosis but as Lindle suggested you could also have undetected endo as well. Often people have both conditions.

Definitely get yourself seen by an accredited endo specialist as adeno can be gotten rid of via a hysterectomy but endo needs expert treatment. Good luck x

Thanks I just don't know how to ask this early on when my gp hasn't even been that involved! This has all been through a fab senior nurse who saw me (I must go back to him and ask!).... I feel cheeky checking up on the gynae. He did say if I have any issues to come back to him anytime. It's just having evidence behind me that I know my body! Thanks ladies you're much more confident than me. I feel like I'm going to sound like a right hyper chondriac! *spelling* xx

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