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Fertility - 5month old son - just been diagnosed and confused!!

Hey all, I'm new to this site. Story goes... I ha my son 5 months ago and ha a chocolate cyst throughout pregnancy. Im 22. I had keyhole surgery to remove the cyst (also had the ovary removed due to damage). I was diagnosed with endometriosis and was told I probably had this since a teen. I got pregnant within 2 months of trying. My questions are:

Is my son a miracle? (everyone iv spoken too So far is shocked I had him due to the condition)

What is the affect on my fertility?

what can I do to ease pain?

Thanks in advance, as I said I don't know much about this condition and from what iv read it's hard to conceive? Is everyone just different?


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Every child is a miracle honey so congratulations honey.

I can't remember the fertility stats for endo, but some women can have extensive endo and no problems with fertility, where as others can have minimal endo and never be able to conceive. Having said that 1 in 6 couples need help concieving so there are loads of causes of infertility.

It often feels like all endo women can't have children, but in reality a lot of women have endo and don't suffer infertility and most endo women are daughters of endo sufferers.

Sorry, that's a real ramble to say yes your child is a miracle, but it wasn't a miracle pregnancy - if that makes sense! On the positive a lot of women find their symptoms minimize for years after having a child.

Congrats honey x


That makes more sense lol I should have asked when I had my consultation but I was shell shocked. Nobody seems to know anything about this condition so I'm glad I found this site! Thank you for your answer and support, was just what I needed :) xx


I got pregnant by accident with my daughter and then in the first month of trying with my son....only after that was I diagnosed with endo and since have had 2 very early miscarriages (so early that I'm not even sure if it's classed as a miscarriage tbh). It all depends where the endo is I guess. If you have endo covering both your tubes to the point of them not working then yes endo can affect fertility but mine was on the pelvic wall and the outside of my womb so I'm guessing thats why I had no problems :/

Congratulations on your bundle of love, I would love to have another one but they cost so much lol!!



Ahh right! That's so much easier for me to understand lol the chocolate cyst was on the ovary n tube they removed but they haven't said anything else really until I go docs n ask them to explain lol I'm not sure where mine is ... another thing to ask! Lol thanks so much, glad some people are here to help me understand this lol sorry to hear bout miscarriages :( *hugs* but I do agree... Expensive indeed haha thanks hun xxxx


Your son is miracle endo affects fertility and doctors gave me a slim chance of conceiving naturally and many endo sufferers needs fertility treatment to conceive so you are part of the lucky and chosen ones. Congrate


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