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Lap booked after 10 years of pain


Finally after years of pain, the worst being in the last 2 years, I have surgery booked in Sept with a top endo specialist in the UK. Hopefully he will be worth the wait as I don't want anymore damage. Ive been left for so long and convinced I was mad and this has made it bad enough.

I've spent so many years battling and convincing doctors that when I saw the specialist today, for all of 10 mins, I didnt have to convince him or fight at all. Offered me surgery and a date instantly.

I am so pleased with the outcome but very nervous and dreading the wait as each month gets worse.

He was pro endometriosis diet but anti herbal remedies and felt I was over dosing by taking too many and even though I feel they're working they could be hindering and only placebo for me. I'm scared to just stop taking them as they've been a crutch for me In times of pain, bloating and terrible emotional hysteria as I'm sure you can all relate to.

Any advise would be greatly received as its all new to me apart from the ailments themselves.

Pleased but a tad worried,


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I was the same as you. I had been going to my doctor since i was 18, (maybe not enough times) but was eventually refered to a pms clinic 4yrs ago but she said i had a small cyst but nothing to worry about and sent away, then nov there i had my lap and severe endo was found. My ovaries had been pulled in a stuck to my bowel, endo over bother ovaries and everywhere else and on my cervix :( Its alot to take in altho it was a great feeling to find something there as i too thot it was all in my head but u know ur own body and periods shouldnt be that painful and i was doubled over, and like u the last 2yrs got much worse. Hope u egt things sorted and ur op goes well xx

I hope your top endo surgeon is more proactive than my less than average urologist who diagnosed my endo. Make sure you discuss the intention to treat rather than just diagnose as I was closed up following a diagnostic lap, with no endo removal except for the endometrioma which ruptured during surgery. Make sure your surgeon is aware of what is most important to you.

All the best xx

That is great news you now know you will be having a Lap in Sept! Shame it isn't sooner for you as can totally understand you wanting it done as each month worse. Glad to hear too that u had a relief from having to fight and the specialist understood and could see something needed doing!

Must be hard when you are told not to take something which you feel has been useful to you, even be it emotionally. I would ween yourself off them and not a straight not taking any. Perhaps doing take them one day and then not the next etc for a couple of weeks and then expand to one one day and not for 2 days etc. Sorry if you have already thought of this!

All the best x

Remember he is a gynaecologist and not a registered herbalist so of course he's going to warn you off herbs because he knows nothing about them and he's protecting himself.

If you have found something that helps you, keep taking it or maybe see a herbalist who will get you on the right track! By the way, I'm not a herbalist!!!

Thank you for all your Advise ladies and I'm sorry to hear some of you have had some bad experiences.

Fingers crossed he knows what he's doing as I've read so many horror stories. He seemed to be very knowledgeable and said it is only investigative surgery with minor removal if able, however, if severe or fused then he'll have me in again for 2nd surgery asap once he's discussed my options with me. This seems sensible. He did offer surgery sooner with a colleague but i'd rather wait and be put right by someone experienced with a good reputation.

I hope you are all having a pain free weekend.


squidgy in reply to marblesgone

sounds like he is being good with explaining what he will do and not do until talked to you about it. I think we cannot 100% know what a dr will be like until the actual treatment etc. But I think one step that helps is if we feel comfortable with them and that they seem to know what they are talking about. Which in your case as you didn't have to fight for once he understands the symptoms of endo. I hope he has an appointment soon for you on his surgery list.

I am glad that halving your tablets is working well for you too. x

P.s, I have decided to halve what I was taking as it was a fair amount; 6 different types, several times a day. O.k so far but it's early days.


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