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Diagnosis lap?

Morning ladies,

I will be having my second gyno appointment after referral late this Jan and wondering if anyone could tell me what it entails. She said she highly suspects endo given my symptoms and has ruled out any pelvic/other infections. She said more tests would be ran to diagnose me.

Does this mean I’m waiting for a lap at the end of this month or ultrasound etc? Any advice and experiences would be great!!

Thanks!! X

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If you haven’t already had an ultrasound or MRI, she might do them first. Diagnosis lap tends to be the last resort after hormone therapy if the pain hasn’t reacted to taking the pill or coil etc.

I’m still waiting for my diagnosis lap but I’ve gone private this time and he immediately wants me to have a lap after trying 3 types of BC pills and strong painkillers. Along with a very painful pelvic exam which shows there could be a problem.


I’ve already had a pelvic exam upon my first referral it was seriously excruciating! I’m already on the depo injection and have been instructed to stay on that and have been on for nearly 2 years, whilst they investigate further. So hopefully the process will be quicker as some of those steps have already been taken?


Yeah they should suggest a lap if you have tried everything else first.

I know the feeling of the excruciating pain of the pelvic exam as I was crying


What is the ultrasound and MRI designed to identify?


Ultrasound is mainly for cysts on the ovaries and I’m not sure about MRI as I didn’t have one. However they aren’t used to accurately diagnose endo


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