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what can I expect?

I finally have an appointment with a consultant at the gwent on the 2nd april. Just wondering what I should expect.The appoint has been rushed through as I was I hospital Monday just gone with the pain in my lower left side that i'd been suffering with all weekend. I've tried a range of medication from tranexamic and mefenamic acid tablets, I've been given tramadol and also diclofenac for when its bad again.They wanted to fit me with a coil last Monday but I have refused due to the fact the contraceptive injection reacted bad wth me, the pills (all different ones) react bad with me and given the fact hubby has had the snip I don't need any contraception. will they make me have the coil before they allow me the laprascopy? I want it dealt with not masked.x

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They can't make you do anything honey. Sometimes they will suggest going on the pill or coil for 6 months to see how you get on with it, but if you have already tried it they will probably look at other options like a lap or zolodex/prostap.

Have you had a lap before? If not I would have thought they would do that if they have already done a ultrasound to check for other causes (non-endo cysts, fibroids etc).

The best thing to do is research the different options for endo (try the NHS direct treatment options page and the Royal College of Ob & Gyn, and endo resolved). The more information you have the better you will be able to have a discussion with your consultant.

Good luck honey x


they can't insist you have the coil before a lap, so my advice is negotiate with them

tell them you'll have the coil but only if it is put in during the lap op.

The mirena has been absolutely amazing for many of us with painful and heavy endo periods. And certainly for me helped with endo pain considerably too.

I did react badly to the hormone treatment with zoladex, but mirena has been fantastic.

Tranexamic Acid was hit and miss with me, some months it stopped the period going on and on an on and other times it didn't but you can't take them for too long at any one time.

I was on diclofenac for the pains before the mirena but have rarely touched it since my periods were stopped.

The worst bit about mirena is the installation, so having it put in while your out under a general anaesthetic is the very best way.

Then give it a few months to kick in and it should stop your periods and endo pain or reduce them considerably in most cases. There are always some women who will not have a good experience with mirena, but you won't know till you try and you cannot judge it by your experience on previous BC and other drugs.

If it doesn't work for you then having it removed is so much easier than having it put in.

I don't have it for contraception, i suspect very few endo ladies take it for contraception, most would have it for menstrual control.

It is still your choice, but don't dismiss it right away, it is much better to try that and see if it works than take the last resort of hormone treatments on GnRH drugs.


At the gwent with mr abelmageed? Or Dr Hannah,if its your first time they will ask you a lot of questions about your health and pain they will probably do an internal examination. Based on what your answers are he may refer you to a different specialist be it gastro, urology etc. Hell then tell you what treatment you need (hopefully). I said no to the coil and they haven't pushed me or forced me to have it at all.

If you have a lap with them they do take the endo out with incision not laser. Incision is known to prevent endo growing and sheading from where it is taken from. All laseromg does is laser off the top of the endo leaving the rest imbedded.

I also react badly to drugs, I have found changing my diet has helped a lot.

I haven't been put on any proestrogens yet I have my visit on the 8th April. Good luck lovely xx


It's with mrs gonalves.ive not had lap yet.ive had depo injection disagreed with me ive had a few different types of the pill and they disagree with me too now on pain relief till I see doctor.i def dont want the coil at all.how long afta ur appt did u have ur lap? X


Sorry lovely i wasn't notified you had replied, I had my appointment if i remember right it was a couple of months wait but when they found i had alot of ahesions and stage 4 endo they did another lap just 4 months after that, they are really good with the surgery lovely i have found. and if you start changing your diet now then you will be more likely to shrink your endo and lessen the pain, hope this helps x x x x x


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