What should I expect?

Hi all :) I had a laparoscopy just before Christmas, where I was diagnosed with endometriosis and had some removed. Also had the mirena fitted at the same time. Just wondered what people had experienced in terms of follow up after a laparoscopy? Other than being told just after I'd woken up from the lapro what they'd found, and a coil check, there's been no other follow up and I wondered how much I should be chasing for any. The coil isn't really working in terms of stopping me bleeding and pain is actually a bit worse, but how long should it be in for until I know for definite it's not going to work. And what should I be asking for if it doesnt work. I've tried pretty much every combination of the pill and various pain killers before the official diagnosis, with nothing being of much help.

Thanks in advance :)

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  • Hey! It all takes time. I had surgery in September and had Mirena fitted and thought - "oh my god this is the worst thing! worse pain than living with pre op endo! I've made a terrible mistake!" I've had 3 checks since and I can confidently say since Jan all my symptoms have gone! I feel AMAZING. The Mirena has settled - my body has adjusted and I want to scream How bloody amazing it feels to be normal. As of Feb my bleeding has stopped and I spot. Yes SPOT (meaning a liner only) for one day per month...ONE DAY. I am so over the moon. My specialist said really try and give the Mirena 6 months to settle. As of last week i've been cleared from the hospital and won't need a follow up for 5 years unless of course something changes. Hang in there hun, it'll be amazing. Like a switch is flicked

  • That's really good to hear! I had lap Dec and was beginning to wonder when it would a,l settle I was put on cerazette and was told will take a few months to get into my system!

  • It is seriously like a switch was flicked!! I hope you all have a similar experience :-)

  • Hi :) I had my laparoscopy in Jan were they found and removed endometriosis, I too had the coil fitted.

    Initially I recovered well however I was in absolute agony about three weeks after my op - when my period started. Even worse pain than I'd had before, nothing would relieve it, not even Tramodol. I ended up off work again and back rolling around in bed. However (keeping everything crossed) it has calmed down and I feel so much better.

    I had a pre-op follow up with my consultant last week (I thought this was meant to happen after six weeks so I would push for it) and he's happy with my progress. He said that pain is normal because my body is trying to recover from surgery and get used to the coil. He said the hormones won't have had a chance to take effect.

    It's probably different for everyone but I would say try all you can to persevere and let the hormones do what they need to.

    I must admit I'm on tenterhooks waiting for it to happen again but I'm hoping for the best.

    Good luck and I hope someone can advise another alternative to the coil if it doesn't work for you. x

  • Hi :) I had my follow up appointment on Wednesday last week and I had my op in August! I was the same I woke up and he told me I have endo and they removed it. I've now been told to consider the merina since seeing them last week because I'm still in pain and have quite bad periods too. It does all take time completely and I have friends on the merina who bled for a while once it was put in so give it time as hard as it is. It will work out :)

    Good luck

  • Hi I had my lap 18 Dec and endo removed I was put on cerazette. My pain has def subsided but I did bleed a lot to start with on ghe pill this seems to have settled.

    My stomach feels constantly upset all the time but it's not painful it's a weird feeling hopefully this will settle down too!!!

  • If your pain carries on and you still feel you have endo inside, get referred to a BSGE centre, if you are not already under one,

    I hope your coil settles soon, I've heard lots of ladies say 4-6 months,

    Good luck

  • Thanks! I'd not heard of bsge centres, can you be referred even if your local hospital isn't one?

  • Check out the BSGE list on line, find one near you and take it with you to GP then ask for referral, hopefully you won't need to as your coil could settle your symtoms, xxx

  • Thankyou everyone! I feel a bit like they've sliced and diced then just left me to deal with it so I'll definitely chase for a follow up. And I'll keep my fingers crossed for the mirena - I have a bicornuate womb too and they said it may be less likely to work.

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