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3 weeks late for my period....3 negative tests! What's going on?

Hi everyone,

I posted a few weeks ago about coming off norethisterone and not having a period but I still have no period and am now really worrying. I was on norethisterone for 9 months and had 2 breaks whilst on it. Each time I came on heavily 3 days after stopping it. I'm now 3 weeks late, have done 2 home pregnancy tests and the GP has done one too, all negative. In the meantime I have dislocated my knee cap and been on mega pain killers. I've now read in the leaflet for norethisterone that it can interfere with test results, it doesn't say which tests. Does anyone know if it can affect a pregnancy test? I'm really worried as obviously I shouldn't be taking tramadol or co-codamol if I am pregnant! I don't feel pregnant if you know what I mean, I just feel nothing....it's weird, I was expecting loads of pain and a really heavy flow but zilch, naddah....anyone??


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Hi. I found when I came off Loestrin I had the same experience of no period for 3 weeks and a negative test both home and by drs. It was just my body adjusting and since then my periods have continued to be a little unregular. I would give it a little longer and if still nothing then go back to the gp.

Hope your knee heels soon bless you.

Best wishes x


Thanks Squidgy, it never rains but it pours right? lol xx


definately! :)


Hi there I had no periods for a year and this was actually caused by the endometriosis still got the pain but no bleed!


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