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Pain only starting on week of my period then lasting for a week to 2week after?


Hi I was wondering if anyone else only gets really bad pain during the week they are on their period and a the week following sometimes lasting 2 week after? I almost always have a dull ache/ sharp pains on my right side on my hips and down my thigh. Does anyone elses pain seem to cone like this or is everyones almost always constant? Thanks xx

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Period cramp wise, I get pre-cramps, period cramps, and sometimes after period cramps. Then just for fun, I still get pain ALL MONTH LONG. Either the burning, or stabbing, or aching. Or all of the above. *sigh* Although, some days I actually get near pain free days. And then I get paranoid waiting for the pain to come back.


Hi Jade,

It's pretty normal to experience pain on and off all month when you've got Endo but do you know if you have a cyst?

I only ask as when I start getting pain over my hip and into my thigh it's a sure sign for me that I've got a cyst, it might help explain why your pain is there so long as like you I get pain just before, during and after my period which is to be expected as Endo cysts can bleed/leak during our period and then my pain gets worse on wk3 when my poor ovaries are trying to ovulate which again irritates my cysts so the only week I get any rest from pain is usually the week before my period starts.


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Hi Tracy,

No I dont have any cysts, ive had ultrasounds because at first they thought I had pcos but thr ultasound confirmed that I didnt. I have now been referred to see a gyno on the 20th may.

Jade xx

I was only getting bad pain when I was due for a period and when I was on my period, I was taking the pill at this time though. Now with the Mirena i'm not getting pain, some stomach aches but nothing in comparison to what I had.

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Yeah im on the pill too before I was on the pill the pain would be constant now just whilst im on my period and for a week afterwards x

Iv just been diagnosed with endo after having lap two weeks ago i also suffer with cysts which can be very painful , iv just been put on the pill to try and help with some symptoms ,reading these post are soo helpful to see that there are other ppl with the same symptoms thanks guys xx

I get pain about a week before,awful pain during the period with sharp stabbing pains in my stomach,pain in hips & back it gets so bad it makes me feel sick. Like Aardvaklips I get pain nearly all month long. I am taking proverb tablets that do not seem to be doing a thing, I am waiting for my appointment to come through to see my gynecologist as I can't wait until July for my next appointment..

I am exactly the same as Aardvarklips. x

I have almost exactly the pain arrives with my period and lasts at least a week and a half afterwards

Hi I think I get stomach pain the week before and the week during my period but as my cycle has been anything from 16-34 days it's not very clear. But I'm learning ! Had the mirena put in 2 months ago so really hoping that settles my periods down !

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