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Pain after laparoscopy 2 months ago!

2 months ago I had a laproscopic surgery to remove endo 3 cysts a fibroid and have my bowel unattached from uterus. I woke up with lower back and pelvic pain and it has gotten more severe everyday. I forgot to mention I also had DNC and dye test on tubed. The pain is crushing me. No answer from docs and no meds help. I am an emotional wreck exhausted and feel like the surgeon took my spirit. Does anyonepplease have any input? All help is greatly appreciated!

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It's awful to hear that you're in so much pain hun. If it's that bad get yourself to your GP or a&e! Don't wait for your surgeon.

As far as being an emotional wreck goes, I can totally relate to that. After my lap in November I felt so completely depressed. I was tearful all the time, I felt hopeless, and I was utterly terrified of going back to work because I was sure I couldn't cope. It was a really scary time actually. I went back to work after 2 weeks, but I think it took 3 weeks for me to start feeling normal again, and only now would I say I feel recovered from it.

What I'm trying to say is give yourself time. There's a lot of research and academic papers out there which talk about post-operative depression and when you consider that not only have you had fairly invasive surgery but they've messed around with your reproductive organs, potentially affecting your hormones (who can make you feel an emotional wreck at the best of times), it's no wonder you're feeling low.

I would definitely recommend speaking to your GP though. They might be able to help with your pain management as well as your mood. Some people benefit from a course of antidepressants to help lift their mood. Some antidepressants also double up as really effective pain killers too, so it's worth exploring.

Hoping that you feel better soon hun!


Thank you for responding. I was told by my Doctor that I have a short window of time to get pregnant so I took myself off of the antidepressants that I had been taking for anxiety (in an effort to prepare my body to try and get pregnant). I am 34 and have no kids although that is my dream. Right now I cannot even imagine getting pregnant as I can barely make it through a day. I don't know what to do! I appreciate you writing back though.



I had a major lap 12 weeks ago and also woke up in agony in the recovery room and it just did not let up until a couple of weeks ago, it was exhausting, relentless and crushing! It's taken such a toll on me and it's taking a long time to get over. I couldn't move without screaming and even morphine wouldn't help with the pain! I had to call out the on call doctor several times but also phoned my consultants secretary a lot and ended up seeing a pain specialist and having scans done. For me the doctors think it's muscle and nerve damage from the op. There are drugs you can be given to help with this (eg. Pregrabin), normal painkillers won't work if it is this. The alternative when you are in post-op surgical pain that long after an op is infection so keep track of your temperature etc. You definitely need to push it with your doctors, and don't feel you have to drag yourself to the GP surgery, phone them and make them come out to you and/or speak to the duty GP on the phone and keep contacting them every 3-4 days if it's not improving. It's not normal or expected to be in post-op surgical pain 8 weeks after a lap (I've had 3 and 2 were very big ops) so don't try to put a brave face on, you need to push it with your doctors for help. Hope it improves soon x


Thank you. I will try to put a brave face on but its easier said than done. Its hard when I am rushed through appointments and have so much to say. I also cry a lot so am embarrassed to see the specialist as he is a man. I will keep my fingers crossed. Going to see doctor on Tuesday.


Hi there - I read your reply to this post and am wondering how you're doing? I'm 6 weeks post op and am being told the same reason for my intense post-op pain. Where was your pain and did it end up resolving? Thank you so much!!!


Hi there. I was Just wondering if your pain went away in the end as I am I think I have pelvic muscle damage after my surgery? THanks xx


Hi there. I hope you don’t mind me messaging you but I read your message and your experience sounds very similar to mine. I wondered if the pain went? And if so did it go on it’s own or did you do something specific to help the pain go? I am 6 weeks post lap for end removal and still in a lot of pain. Any help would be much appreciated. X



I know EXACTLY how you feel. Ive have 2 Laporoscopies, my 1st one i had totally ruined my back. it has never been the same since, and that was 4years ago. i complained to my surgeon/gyne about this but all i got was excuses.....

"it was because of the position i was in when they operated"

"its because i have so much endometriosis and it was stuck on to my pelvic wall"

"its scar tissue from surgery"

"its beacuse i have endometriosis" .... that was the best one because i must have had endo for atleast 5yrs before i was officially diagnosed yet i didn't have severe back pain as i do now.

Ive had a mri scan, ct scan, xray on my spine, physio, seen a chiropractor, been on horrible pain killers, but nothing has helped. As soon as i mention endometriosis to a doctor they just fob me off saying that why i have leg pain, lower back pain and pelvic pain.

When i had my 2nd laporoscopy (from a different consultant) she found varicose veins on my ovary (which cant be treated because of where it is) and also loads more endo. She said this is why i have terrible pain in my legs and "might" explain the back pain. So she doesn't know either. After trying everything looking for the answer i still don't know for sure, but it my heart i know it was due to my 1st lap.

I am still suffering with my back and leg pain but unfortunately i have given up, i have to live with it now.

Dont let anyone fob you off, make sure you take matters further, i hope yours can be helped.


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