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Bleeding Belly Button

Has anyone experienced blood from their belly button?! I had a lap 3 months ago to remove a large endo cyst, the ovary it was attached to, and that tube. For the past year I find dried blood around my belly button and a small amount of wet blood in the button. This only happens once or twice only during my peroid. I've read online this can mean endo on my abdomen and/or my belly button. I'm going to start seeing a specialist very soon. I'm just looking for any info any of you may have. Thanks so much!

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It's possibly one of two things that I can think of:

yes it certainly can be live endo cells caught in the wound during your previous surgery, and the other possibility and don't laugh at this, but if you have recently bought a pair of jeans or trousers or a new belt that contains high nickle content, you can develop small blisters that itch and bleed when skin is in contact with that raw nickle, the same as being allergic to earrings that are not gold or silver. You can develop this allergy at any age and it can get progressively worse with more exposure to nickel over the months and years.

Because the belt buckle or the popper or button at the top of the fly of trousers is also right on the belly button area and usually has a metal backing to it, this is a common place for nickel allergy to first appear. and if it is that, the solution is to always wear at least one layer of clothing between it and you. Vest tops are useful under shirts and t-shirts that you wouldn't ordinarily tuck in.

And if you are on your period and have increased waist due to a bit of bloat at the time of the month then contact with nickle in the wrong place is more prolonged and the reaction will me more noticeable then. Or perhaps you wear a particlar pair of trousers or jeans more when you're 'on' than at other times. e.g black jeans instead of blue.

You can sew a patch of fabric on the backs of all jeans studs and buttons that could have nickle in them and see if that helps before going down the road of investigating if it is endo.

It certainly could be endo too, but to have that removed requires more surgery and recovery which would be a waste of effort if all that is wrong is an allergy to nickle.

If you have done everything to ensure that it isn't a nickel allergy then when you visit the doc, you can tell them for certain that you have ruled out allergy as the cause, and are pretty sure it's now something else probably endo.

Try not to get it infected, so same rules apply as for all open cuts, antiseptic wipes, spray or cream, keep it clean, put on a dressing if you re wearing tighter waist bands or delicate fabrics that you don't want soiled. If it gets red swollen and pus appears then have the infection seen by doc.

If it is a nickel allergy hydrocortizone cream can speed up the recovery- over the counter preparations like HC45 for dermatitis could help, but shouldn't be used for more than a few days and do read the label and use it with care. not too much is needed. it isn't like Savlon.

Best of Luck solving your mystery and don't forget that you can actually ask your pharmacist or chemist to take a look at it too and see if they can spot if it's something else besides endo or allergy.


Please check with yoir previous surgery in regards to nickel content for anything inplanted. See our personal story at crowdrise.com and search "whitson" . Be persistant with your doctor on the issue


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