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Photo - blood in belly button after lap, what should I do?


Hello all,

Hope you're having a nice evening. Just wanted some advice about my belly button as I'm not sure what to do about a big bit of dried blood (gross I know). Had my second lap last Thursday to excise endo and have only just taken off my dressings, and my belly button has a big bit of hard dried blood in it.. Should I just leave it or try to remove it? Didn't have any issues last time so not sure what to do with it as I'm not sure if it's attached to a stitch. It's quite sore and very bruised but otherwise feels okay, and the other three sites look fine.

Thanks for any advice in advance!

M x

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I had exactly the same thing. Have you got any Vaseline? That’s what the nurse recommended for mine and it’s now cleared. I think it helps to shift things a bit. Bless your belly 😢 x

Hey, I would soak some warm (not hot) salty water on it but dont pick it off. Just soak some gauze swabs if you have them or clean kitchen roll in the water and lie it on your wound. After soaking it gently swipe from the centre out using the wipe and that should help loosen it. Remember if it is actively bleeding not to put a dry bandage on it as it will get stuck to the wound.

Thank you both for your advice, I'll give the salt water a try first and if that doesn't help then I'll give vaseline a go. Belly button stuff really cringes me out in general so this kind of thing makes me squirm! Thanks again :) x

I used bio oil on my belly button to help the dried blood come away, it smells lovely and helps with the scaring. Good luck x


I had my lap 4 weeks ago. When I removed my dressing after 48hrs mine was like that, I just had a shower and found that most of it washed away. I gently cleaned them with warm salt water and put clean dressings on them. I hope this helps x

I’ve obviously been given different advice but i told never to soak the wounds for a good few weeks whilst they’re healing x

Thank you all for your suggestions, the salt water worked a treat and it looks much better now. I'll use bio-oil or vitamin e oil once it has healed up to help with the scarring. I'm going to post another photo of it now if anyone would mind taking a look and to see if you think it looks okay, got a lump which wasn't there before but think it looks okay? Not very good with this stuff though haha. Thanks again x

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