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Cancelled follow up appointment!

I am so upset I spent most of yesterday in tears my flow up appointment was at 12 yesterday to see my consultant ( which by the way was my 6 week post check up and was actually 3 months as there were no appointments till then! ) they rang me at 10 to cancel saying my consultant was away! I have had no support after my first lap other than when I was still drowsy being told they found endometriosis in several places and had removed it but it was on my bowels and unless causes problems they would like to leave alone and by the way we took some biopsies . That was that. Felt amazing even lost almost a stone! Tummy flat no pain even with the two periods after no period pains!!!! Then two weeks ago the bloating something sticking out in my pelvis on one side and the dreaded left hip pain was back so I'm crushed as I thought I'd get answers and be told how severe it is or was and most of all what I can do about it, I know I don't have many options as I can't be on anything like the pill etc due to a liver disorder I had during pregnancy other than the marina coil or utovlan tablets which over the three months I took them made me gain 8lbs! I feel let down and am obviously concerned about biopsy results as my auntie died of breast cancer and my great nan of ovarian cancer so it's in the family, my mum had a full hystorectomy at 28 due to severe endo it fused her bowels and bladder together. So spoke to the secretary who said she will ask him to call me on Monday? I feel so isolated I'm in pain most days and feel my husband doesn't understand me I'm an independent woman with teen age kids and a full time manager job so I think I keep myself busy a lot but when I finally stop its there hurting I'm fed up! They said if your in pain see your gp when I went I asked if the coil would help she wasn't aware the coil was ever used to treat endo?

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Oh bless ya! That is not nice for you and can understand it must be so frustrating for you and that you feel let down. By the sounds of it they didn't offer you another appointment there and then, which is bad. I know it a pain, wait and see if they do call and if not then ring them! Is your GP any good? Perhaps try have a word with them. Don't be afraid to raise your concerns (I know easier said than done). I think re the coil, it is like everything with endo, one thing works for one and not another. I think you are being very brave and strong. Sorry I don't have any specific answers for you. I hope you get the follow up appointment soon x


Ah thank you I will see if he calls and if not i will call him and also see my gp xx


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