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Has anyone else had any problems after having the Mirena coil fitted?

I had a laparoscopy 3 weeks ago and they fitted the mirena coil at the same time. Since then, I bled heavy for about a week and since then I have had horrid browny black blood all of the time, not very heavy but not nice. Pain is no different to before and generally feeling crappy!!! Not sure how long to leave it before I go to the doctors again, I don't want them to think that I haven't tried. Can anyone give me advice? xx

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Hi Miranda

I have had the mirena coil in for a month and have continuously bled very heavily since, I have only just been to see my doctor on friday. I have been feeling really crappy, they think that my body has been trying to repel the coil because I bleed heavily everytime I move and the pain is unbearable, so I have been given tablets to stop me from bleeding and I am going for an emergency scan to check where the mirena coil is, I am also aneamic with all the blood I've lost. I don't think you should leave it too long before seeing your doctor as I wasn't sure if what I was going through was normal but apparently its not, its always best to be safe rather than sorry, like me xx




I had a mirena fitted at my last laparoscopy (July ) and had the same problems, I went back and saw my consultant after 2 months as I could not cope with it. He advised that the first 3 months are the worse, especially since I have not had kids as my body is trying to reject it. I am now nearly 5 months in and things have improved, the bleeding is not every day but only a couple of days ever few weeks, this is a massive improvement as when I bleed I am in so much pain.

I am really glad I listened to my consultant as I would have had it taken out there and then but it was worth the sticking it out.

Hope this helps x


I persevered with mine for 11 months, but I could definitely feel it inside me, it sometimes felt like a scraping pain along with uterine spasms and cramps. I couldn't put up with mine any longer. It made my periods loads lighter, but they became constant, and I was suffering with loads of bad cramps.

Glad I had mine removed, but they do suit some people. I think you're more likely to have success if you've had children. x



Well since I last posted on here things got worse, I started limping because of the pain, I couldn't move and i started having contractions and could feel my body trying to push the coil out. Pain got so bad that I went to hospital were they found that the merina coil had moved from its position down to the neck of my womb, I have had it taken out and I feel like a different person. I am bleeding still but that's to be expected, I have had two children so don't think it makes a difference. xx


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