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Has any only had problems with marina coil?


I had a coil fitted with periods in Dec 26 since then my periods have been heavy like 9 days cramps and sometimes longer

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Hi,I've had mine for 2 weeks today and it's been giving me a lot of pain and spotting since they put it in. I've had it taken out n all the pain is gone like magic. I'm so glad I took it out. But some ppl say when ur

Body is used to it,u'll be ok. Sorry didn't help u much. Take care x

I had mine fitted 1 December. There was discomfort at first that lasted a while! I had also a lot of constant bleeding for a few months. But it was light and not like an endo period!

It has settled now, no constant bleeding, although still having light periods but not as often as I would normally.

I feel it was worthwhile persevering as I have more energy and less endo symptoms

Good luck hope it works for you

I'd also recommend preserving with it as I had mine fitted in early Jan and had awful periods, spotting every single day pain and nausea and wanted to rip it out until about 3 weeks ago as I've been nausea and pain free and period free since then! It's amazing!

The only downside so far is slightly sore boobs and spotty back like I used to get about 20 yrs ago.

My doc said some people simply cannot cope with mirena as it is too painful.... your body is trying to reject it. .... and if it does not settle in 6 months its probably not right for you. I had mine 12 months and will definitely be having it removed soon due to persistent pain without any monthly pattern.

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