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Does anyone else gets really bad trapped gases that are causing lower back pain?

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I still haven't been officially diagnosed ('possible endo' my GP said...) so I'm not sure if this is one of endo symptoms but I realised that everytime I'm really bloated and I can't, sorry, fart - I'm getting dizzy and I have horrid lower back pain, sometimes it develops into headaches and pain in all my body - something similair to a 'gas' feeling after my first laparascopy ages ago. This has been on for almost two months now, every day. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm getting in trouble at work because of number of days off sick taken. I have my endo-like symptoms and it never has been so bad:( I had endoscopies and they were fine.

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Hi malaika87 when I got sick last year I use to get pain in my stomach, lower back, legs etc. When this happened I became really bloated to the point I could barely move. The pain use to feel like trapped gas and at other times feel like sharp pains shooting down my back and legs. The pain in my stomach felt like a constant bloated gas pain feeling but severe at times. When these episodes occur which was daily I had trouble passing gas or even having bowel movements. This continued for months and it was very painful and difficult . To be honest there were times it got so bad to the point I was out of breath. So yes to answer your question you are not the only one and I have no doubt it is interfering with your job and your overall wellbeing. I am sorry that you are going through this right now. Please get it checked out as soon as possible. Wish you best of luck.

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Hi Bachoo, I have similar symptoms but just when I'm on my you mind me asking where your endo was / have you had treatment / do you still have any problems? Thank you

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Hi bedbelfish I had treatment last august. My endo was on my intestine and uterus, the two were joined together on my left side and it pulled my uterus behind my intestines, however my scans showd that i also had a cyst or something on my right kidney but that was not taken care of during operation. I wouldn't be surprise if it is endo related. Hope this helps.

Thanks, I have another GP appt on Tuesday...But I woke up at 4am today because of pain, got late to work (again)and now I'm feeling realyl nauseous but I will try to stay as long as I can... How did they relieve your bloating?

Babelfish - I also had really bad symptoms on my periods - I was on mycrogynon then, now I'm on depo provera, my periods stopped completely - and even though I still have of 'digestive' symptoms - horrid period pain is gone. But then depo works differently for everyone...x

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Hi malaika87 they didn't know what was wrong with me until I had the operation. At the time of my operation they thought I had cysts until they opened me up so to answer your question I was on laxatives to help with bowel movement. That's all sorry I couldn't be more help to you

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Hi, I was put on laxatives before I was diagnosed with Endo as my GP thought it was IBS- Constipation. I found that I was really bloated from them. I did find doing a colon massage helped move the gas along. Sometimes I could hear the gas moving along as I was doing the massage. I am now off the laxatives but still have problems in this area. Some times my farts are really bad smelling! It can be rather embarrassing! x

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Hi Malaika87,

Like you I am in early stages of the diagnostic process. I have horrendous gas and bloating particularly around the time of my period and when I am on it is almost impossible to have a bowel movement because of the pain. This month I have tried going gluten and wheat free which has really helped with the bloating and gas.

Good luck with it all xx

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I'm going through it now just left the emergency room for heart palpitations do to Gas trapped in my back and body.

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This sounds like candida overgrowth. Try the candida diet and see if you improve. I have the exact same issue and the diet helped after a week.

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I have endo and IV stated getting lower back pains it's starting to worry me but reading this it seems like it could be linked to my endo it's not in one place though it's all over around the lower back area in all different places x

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I don't know if your issues have been resolved after all of this time or not... I wanted to ask you, if you are still active here, if you by chance grow a bit more facial hair than most women do? It may seem unrelated... But I assure you, it could be VERY related.

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