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Difficulty passing bowel motions and pain even with movicol


I have an appointment at UCLH next week after waiting 3 months. I know i have endo as had a lap privately last year plus mirena. My bowel symptoms are getting worse; it feels like i want to go but i just can't. I have to sit for ages before anything happens. Just recently got put on Movicol stool softener and my stools are really dark. I'm freaking out that I have bowel cancer and am bleeding somewhere in my GI tract. I also have awful piles and some bleeding now. I feel so unattractive and can't face sex. My poor dh is veru understanding but must be running out of patience. I wonder if they'll do a colonoscopy? and also if I;ll have to wait ages for tests.

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I have terrible problems going to the toilet, been 4 days since now but thats not to bad haha. I take movicol and find it doesnt really help unless i have lots and lots of it. My family try and make light of it because i have to sit in the bathroom for so long just to be able to pass the smallest thing ever!!!

I was exactly the same convinced i had bowel cancer due to bleeding aswell but had a colonoscopy and my bowel if stuck to my uterus with quite a big build up of tissue protruding into my bowel so explains quite alot. Ive been waiting 3 weeks now for the results as they did biopsy aswell. Hope this helps!! x



When you are severely constipated for whatever reason you need treatment both orally and rectally. Keep going with the movicol but you might need to go on a disempaction regeime where you increase amount of sachets you have a day by one until you go, but check with your gp this is safe to do. Also movicol will make you dehydrated so ensure you having lots of water.

Rectally go to boots or superdrug and you can buy off shelves glycerine suppositries. They are really easy to use only give cramps for a few minutes and will empty out your rectum which will then help stools higher up to move down your bowel.

I had same pressure pain in my rectum and difficulty passing but only had endo in poich of douglas so dont panic too much.

Hope this helpsxxx


Hi Hun, I have problems to going to the toilet. My GP has prescribed me Laxido. Oh My God they are brill. Perhaps this will help you too. Keep your chin up and try not to worry too much (easier said than done I know) thinking of you. Let us know how you get on. x


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