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How many of you have been tested for Coeliac Disease?

If you've been experiencing bowel pain, extreme tiredness then this is worth chatting to your Dr about. Did you know that many women are told they have IBS when in fact it's Endo? Yet on endo treatment they still have significant pain? This maybe because something else is a problem as well. Bowel pains can trigger pelvic pain as the nerves can get confused and pass on cross referred pain. Coeliac disease can be diagnosed via a simple blood test (+ endoscopy). It is an auto-immune disease which runs in families that means that the body attacks itself when it eats (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt or their derivatives. Often symptoms include tiredness (sleeping 12 hrs a day), low levels of iron, B12 + vitamin D. Plus weight loss or weight gain, stomach problems (in some people). Any history of Osteoporosis/ Thyroid Disease mean you maybe more liable for Coeliac Disease. Many of our members were diagnosed with Coeliac Disease & then discovered that their ongoing pelvic, hip, back pains were actually endometriosis as well. So it's worth asking your Doctor for a coeliac disease blood test.

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I was tested for this, it came back negative. The guy I saw was a top immunologist and said that even though I was negative for Coeliac wheat intolerance is much more common and has a lot of the same symptoms as endo. Bloating, tiredness, IBS cramping can be an intolerance to high levels of wheat in your diet and they will make endo sysmptoms much worse. I find it very hard to keep wheat out of my diet but have much better comtrol of symptoms of bloating ect when I know its the wheat.

I was told no more than 2 slices of breads worth of wheat a day and it does help to keep symptoms down. So if I eat a large deep pan pizza and bloat up badly its not endo its IBS from wheat intolerance. Most women in the UK have this, I have friends with no endo sympotoms but wheat intolerance. Hope it helps :)


I was tested too. And it came back fine. I do find if I avoid wheat based products, it helps. If I do eat them, I bloat which makes me feel worse, esp around the time of my period. I wonderful woman on Endo Uk page of Facebook sent me some lovely recipes to try so I don't feel like I'm missing out. You can probably get these from an internet search. I'm going to try the Endo diet after xmas to see if this helps. Good luck xxx


Hi there. I was diagnosed Coeliac following Endoscopic Biopsy and EMA blood tests 4 years ago - and Endo earlier this year.


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