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How many laps have you had?

Hi everyone,

I'm just wanting some answers on how many laparoscopies you guys have had?

I had my first one in june last year which confirmed endo and went back to see the specialist again in march. I told her I still have a lot of pain that is getting worse but her response was that they would have removed all the endo and theres no way it would have grown back in a year. However imstruggling to believe this as I am in a lot of pain which seems to be getting worse with each cycle. I was just wondering how many laparoscopies others have had and how close together they were?

I feel stuck like no one is taking the pain seriously and feels like they think i'm just making it up.

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi Jayme - it really does depend on where your endo was, how severe, who did the lap and what operative procedure was used. As she says 'they will have removed all the endo' this would only be the case if a thorough excision was carried out but if you had this done in general gynaecology it is likely that ablation was done which will only remove very minimal shallow endo and otherwise burn off the surface of deeper deposits leaving it to regrow. Certainly a year is more than enough time for it to appear again if it was just ablated. In an ideal world a person would have just one thorough lap or two if endo is found to be severe and needs a diagnostic lap followed by a carefully planned main surgery. But as the origin of endo is unknown it unfortunately is the case that it can return even after a thorough lap but you would expect to have a few years of relief.

The operative report should be in your GP records so that would be worth getting a copy of to see what was involved and done.

What are your symptoms - are they just at period times or at other times too? Was this done in general gynaecology or a specialist endo centre. x


It is very very severe pain on my period, where I often end up in ED on morphine because general pain killers such as codeine etc don't control the pain. Mid-cycle is also very sore but can manage it by staying in bed and taking pain relief. It was done through a public hospital and I don't think the surgeon was an endo specialist.


Can you get back by pm with the findings on the operative report. Click on my name and read my post on finding a specailist so you know how to go about it. x


When I had my diagnostic lap under a general gyni he said there were 2 minimal spots of endo on my ureter (which he didn't treat as he didn't want to cause any further damage)!

When I went back to him with pain still ongoing and getting worse he very arrogantly turned round and said I would have treated it.....

My response to this was actually you told me you didn't treat it as you were concerned about causing further damage! He then looked back through his notes didn't even apologise and carried on talking.... At that point I lost all faith in him and went back to my gp for a referal to an endometriosis treatment centre

OMG what a difference!

So I would say take advice from lindle as she has amazing knowledge after her very long battle. Xx

Good luck

Yazza. X


Hello :) I have just had my fourth lap which was more of a diagnostic lap to see how bad it has gotten ready for another much bigger lap in a few months. I was told by my first consultant (now on to consultant number 3) that patients can expect to feel symptom free on average for about ten months after a lap (I am unsure if she was talking about ablation or excision surgery). I have had both ablation and excision and it has come back and spread at an alarming rate and I had experienced endo consultants and surgeons performing these operations.

It sounds like your Dr doesn't know what they are talking about and I would ask to get referred to a specialist endo centre as previously mentioned.

I hope you get some relief and help :) xx


I have stage 4 aggressive endo

I had a lap in jan - problems all started again and went for scan in March - cyst at 6.5cm is back - I would suggest to ask for a scan.

Good luck x


I've had 6 laproscopys in 6 yrs. having a hysteroscopy 7/715.

On my last lap, the gynea Dr told me he was certain there would be no endo, as I had zolodex injection prior, hey presto when I came round I had plenty of endo and adhesions, all visible endo was removed. So there could still be some there.


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