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Cancelled Surgery

Angry doesn't cover it, it really doesn't. After having my date changed 4 times I got to the hospital yesterday morning waited all day to be told at 4pm that it wasn't happening. I had fasted for four days in preparation, my uni made me defer for a year and friends and family had booked leave etc.

Because I have to be on a particular list I don't even know when it will be rescheduled for.

In pain and gutted :(

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Really sorry to hear that they've cancelled it :( And to make you wait the whole day aswel... its really not fair! I hope they give you a date again really soon and you can get it over and done with finally :(

Sending big hugs!

Emma x


I'm so sorry! I feel as if it's so cruel to wait until 4pm to tell you, plus fasting 4 days... It's horrendous. What was the reason they gave for the cancellation?

Have you thought about contacting PALS at the hospital to complain? I've heard they can be helpful in advocating on the patient's behalf in situations like this.


No words......just gutted for you :( :( Hugs xxx

Defo complain!!


It sounds like you need to get angry at someone.

In the endo charity website is a link to a list of recommended surgeons and hospitals. I suggest you make a formal complaint for the way you've been treated and demand to be referred to one of those sites immediately.

I've had op meetings and treatments in four different hospitals so far but it meant that both my laps are only six weeks apart because of it and I'm being treated by one of the best gyno surgeons in the country.

We're not allowed to post any names on here but I live in Surrey. That should help somewhat!

Good luck.


I live in Surrey too! This consultant is really good but the lady in before me had complications which meant the surgeons booked for my surgery would have already been in surgery 12 hours before getting to me. For safety reasons they couldn't but then they haven't called me to reschedule yet, its been almost a week :( x


I am so sorry your surgery has been moved and you had to wait all day, that really does take the biscuit. Do contact your hospitals patient liaison service (PALS) as they may be able to help you.

hope you get a new date (uncancelled) soon


Thanks for all your support xx


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