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Hiya everyone hope your all staying positive.

Thought id share my story with you all.

I have always had painful periods for as long as i can remember, but every time i when to the doctors i got told it was normal for my age. i went on the pill at 14 to see if this helped and initially it did but after pain got worse and i tried 4 different pills i decided that enough was enough in 2010. by this time i had been diagnosed with IBS and told that being sick when its the time of the month and not being able to go to work because i cannot get out of bed was normal. Anyway i came off the pill myself and within 3 months i was admitted to hospital with pain they though it was an eptopic pregncey but after tests found out i had a cyst on my ovary. after 6 weeks i went back to see if it had going but it hadn't and they found another cystc on my other side. the nurse mentioned to ask about endo to the doctor. i had no idea what this was so i looked it up and thats when i all became clear that i wasn't going mad. after another 2 hospital admissions i finally got to see a consultant but i had to really push for a laparoscapy as he said it was because i was young and should be on the pill a little longer (14 to 23 wasn't long enough on the pill). I got my referral for my lap but wated 28 weeks i rang every week for 18 weeks to find out when i was going to be seen and in the end i was refers to another gyne who is brilliant. within 6 week i had been seen scanned and ready for my lap. but my white blood cells were very high so i had to have more test to make sure i had no abnormal cells (endo can send you white blood cell count very high). after a CT my gyne felt confident to do my lap. i was in theatre for 15 min he opened me up looked inside and closed me back up. My unterus and bowel are fused together which made operating dangouse and i had discussed with my gyne how much me and my fiance want children so he did not go through with it. after an MRI it confirmed where the endo was and that it is stage 4. So now I'm on my 5th month of Prostap it drives me mad the hot swets, sleepless nights and everything ells but i can cope with that and have my life back for the time being. i hope to try and try for children until it works for us I'm lucky at I'm 24 and have found out in good time . I feel blessed to beable to share my story and be under such a grate gyne.

if you have any tips or tricks which you have used i would love to hear them thank you for reading hope this helps ppl and any questions please post them.

stay strong endo sisters


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Hi Sam 87,Sorry to hear about all your troubles..... I have always had heavy periods and alot of pain but i just got on with things thinking it was the norm, I collapsed at home and was taken to hospital with suspected apendicitous then they toldmeit was an eptopic pregnancy,it wasnt either when i went to theatre they found 4 ovarian cysts the biggest one was the size of a jaffa orange.They removed all of them but told me i would get them again as the roots were too deeply embedded in my ovaries and i also had endometriosis, i have had at least 11 laporoscapys and i have had 4 laporotomies in between i have had 2 lots of prostap so I understand what you are going through. I also have IBS and endometriosis in my bowel I am sick of all the operations and pain so thankfully my gyno said enough is enough and i had to agree so i am now 40 and battled 18 years and i have just had a full hystectomyso my grade 4 endometriosis is hopefully gonna subside and maybe dissapear.

I hope things workout or you as endometrosis is a tiring and painul thing to live with, please let me know how you get on.




hiya simmi

thank u commenting. its grate to be able to share our story. so glad they got u sorted in the end.i will keep u updated on how i get on xxx


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