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What treatments do you use for your Endo?

I'm at a loss here. I was diagnosed with endo via lap when I was 19 after 5 years of pain. I was originally put on the combined pill which helped my pain massively but I was getting migraines with aura. I'm 23 now and I switched to the mini pill about 7 months ago.

It has caused me major depression. I have had depression and anxiety since I was 14 years old and I worked extremely hard throughout my teenage years and adult life to control it, being diagnosed with endo and the fatigue and pain it has caused definitely didn't help but I was finally getting into a place after my surgery and on the combined pill where I could control it most of the time.

I'm having suicidal and self harm thoughts and it all started when I switched to the mini pill. My doctors have suggested the coil but I'm terrified of the bleeding and pain that they are telling me is "likely to happen for the first 3-6 months". I already had pain everyday, I don't think I can handle it getting any worse.

I feel like I'm having to choose between going absolutely insane or keeping my endo under control (as much as I can anyway). I hate this condition. I want to have children and I feel like I'm being forced to compromise my mental health and my 20s just so I can. I don't know what to do.

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Hi there so sorry to read your post.

The best thing for me which allowed me to get my life back/be able to work/socialise was medroxyprogesterone tablets. I was put on them after laparotamy and I took them continuously so had no periods and no symptoms. You would need to ask a professional if suitable obvs especially with regard to wanting a family. I tried zoladex implants previously for a few months but was like a menopause and was awful.

Really hope you can find a way to manage everything. It is tough x


I pop the pain killers....I was given an injection the bought on menopause and was not given hrt it was horrid and I have never felt so shit then I was made to have it again but with hrt I managed one month and refused to have any more. My gynae is adamant I'm having my ovaries out which is NOT happening!! I have had a hysterectomy too so I don't bleed and it was mean to get rid if the pain unfortunately if anything the pains worse so I pop the pills lol hope you get sorted and don't let them push you into anything!! Xx


Hi sparklyjo

Just read your reply to Itswd.

When i read that you are adamant about keeping your ovaries I wonder if i can ask you advice...., cos my gynae team (who've now referred me somewhere else-waiting to hear) suggested I'll prob have my ovaries removed due to choc cysts on both (im 42) and possible hysterectomy ... i had a blocked bowel resulting in a stoma in 2008 and keep being told this will be the last surgery they want to do....any advice greatly recd. Currently having laydown due to painful ovary...sick of it!


I would recommend have it all out but your ovaries hunni. I had my hysterectomy when i was 33 and they would take my ovaries cos I'm too young, now because they have no idea what to do they are pushing me into it...quite heavily too. I assumed having a female gynae shed be sympathetic I was wrong. The menopause is horrific and if the hrt doesn't work or makes you feel shit which it did you are stuck with the awful sweats mood swings loss of sex drive etc. I'm 37 and I saw my gp who helped more than the specialist. She gave me tramadol (which the gynae refused to do) it does help but I still struggle every day with pain. Jusy go with what you think is right for yourself but remember once you have taken your ovaries out you can't put them back lol xxx


Thanks i certainly have lots to discuss when i get an appt. Hope everything goes well with you too x


I'm sorry you have to go through that 😮 I have the coil its made my periods lighter and less painful has done much for my daily pain but my daily pain maybe caused by something else 😮 I would try other things first before you try the coil if you are scared but it really does work well for some women 😮


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