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Question for those who have had blood tests to check ovulation

Hi ladies

I was on zoladex for two years up until 2009 - my hormones have not been right since as I still have lots of side effects including hot flushes and especially zero sex drive. I'm sure it's a physical problem rather than psychological, as occasionally the side effects go away for 48 hours and I feel completely different, then come back like a switch being hit.

I tried to get my gynae to refer me to an endocrinologist for this and the fact I've never had a bone scan. He said I didn't need that - he could test my blood but he was sure he wouldn't find anything.

He did one blood test, while the mirena was in and with no idea of where I was in my cycle. He then wrote me a two sentence letter saying my thyroid is normal and the test shows I'm ovulating.

However, having done some research, it seems there is no level that proves you're ovulating from one test - they have to repeat the tests to compare your levels throughout the month. I'm also concerned the mirena would have affected my results - he said the dose is too low, yet its managing to cause me serious depression so it is clearly affecting my hormones,

Can anyone who had had these tests done confirm exactly what the process is? At the moment, the fact that this letter from my gynae is in my file means my Gp considers the issue closed - as in, there is no problem. I'm seriously considering changing GPs but I suspect they're all going to think this way - especially as every doctor I see these days is more concerned with costs than my welfare.

Thanks ladies


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I'm not sure about the blood test you had, but I have had blood test that show ovulation and it has been one. They check a level at a certain time if the month, after cycle day 21.

I can so morrow some of the statements on here, gynae says nothing so GP say same to keep cost down!

Yes you are entitled to a second opinion and maybe see a different doctor within your practice is possible.

It really helps get your point across when your GP is understanding of your issue and if they are not you may as well be talking to a wall.

Hope things work out well for you hun x


Thanks for responding, I really appreciate it.

I have no idea where I was in my cycle when I had the test so I'm unsure whether it would have been accurate. The things I've read suggest that there isn't a range that applies to everyone that shows everything is okay and that they have to compare your levels at different points in your cycle, but I'm finding it difficult to get reliable information on this.

I'm looking into new GPs at the moment - I've seen everyone in my current practice and they're useless plus the practice itself is a nightmare so I'm finally going to bite the bullet and find a new one.



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