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Question for women who have had children with endometriosis



Finally discovered after a daunting period of time that I have fell pregnant.

I would like to know does having endo still have a certain effect on pregnancy, I know the point is the endo stops when you are pregnant as you don't have periods however, these cramps I get on a daily basis are very similar to endo pain, I get a really sharp ache in my sides almost as if I've pulled a muscle, I know most of you will say speak to midwife or go to doctors however my midwife hasn't been yet as its still very early stages, I have been to the doctors and on examination she sent me to the hospital, they done an early scan (I still despise internals even though I've had 100's of them) although on the scan they cant see much for it being too early and have invited me back in a weeks time whilst she was moving to my right ovary it was uncomfortable but when she went to check my left ovary I literally rived in agony and to the point she said she didn't want to hurt me so she had to put on my letter right ovary seen, left ovary not seen. I know its there because my Dr would have mentioned something like that in my lap last year but its strange its too tender to go there especially as my endo was on my uterus. I am concerned daily about these pains, I coughed the other day whilst driving and nearly crashed because the pain stabbed so hard in my left side. I have nausea all day every day so I know its a good sign that baby is developing well making me feel sickly. just is it possible endo can become irritated whilst pregnant.

p.s I know you get cramps early on and I do have minor little ones but these take your breath always that why I am worried, im supposed to be jumping for joy over the moon as I thought it wouldn't happen but instead im worried I don't think I will settle till my 12 weeks

Thank you Cori x

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Hi I have 2 children age 9 and 27 mths. I've had cramps throughout both pregnancys. I put these down to the baby embedding itself. When I had my 9 year old I didn't know I had endo it was diagnosed at 24 but had my eldest at 21. I had sickness through both pregnancys, nothing wad ever said about endo? The pains did take my breath away at times x

All through my pregnancy I bled and had severe cramp. I had internal scans, a smear, and went to a&e on so many occasions and was kept in loads of tines. There were days I could barely walk. I was signed off work for 4 months, and took my maternity leave a month early. Throughout it all, I was in severe pain, but baby was always fine and never at risk, so we never did anything. I was prescribed tramadol, which I took when I really needed it, but I suffered it, as I didn't want to do anything to risk baby. I saw consultants who fobbed me off, and eventually refused to leave until I saw the top obstetrician who was brilliant. He asked if I'd ever been tested for endo, and after baby, I saw him privately and he gave me my diagnosis. I went into natural labour, and they couldnt even test how dilated I was as it hurt so much, so I had a c section.

It's never to early to get checked. Speak to your midwife. It's what they're there for. Plus, you can get a birth plan in place early, whether it be epidural, or an elective c section.

Good luck, and congratulations! x

Thank you both for you experiences that's really helped to settle my mind about this pregnancy.

I get worried about speaking to the professionals about endo + pregnancy as the same answer is always... you cant possibly have problems because your pregnant and in theory its not activated etc... and then i feel silly asking.

I guess its easy for people without it to say things like that as they only learn the theory when in fact every woman's endo is different usually. so I appreciate you taking the time to comment!x

Congratulations Cori! This is brilliant news! :)

You should see the doctor and tell him all your concerns and symptoms. I do hope that everything will be fine and in a few months you will have your baby.

Me and hubby are about to start trying.

Anyway, congratulations once again! :)

Jo x

I have the same pains and I thought I was pregnant they did a blood test on me 6dpo and it said I wasn't I'm still hoping it was to early to tell and it's not just my endo. I would prob be worried like u tho but just think at the end I'll have ur little baby and it would of all been worth it so keeping smiling and try enjoy the pain xx

Hi Cori, read my post I've just responded about my pregnancies and my story too.... i think will help u alot. Too long to re write!


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