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Fluid around my ovaries?

Hi all

So I had my ultrasound yesterday and during this found out 2 things

The first thing was that I have a retroverted uterus

And the second that I have a considerable amount of fluid surrounding both my ovaries?? I have been suffering with severe pain in my lower abdomen for almost 3 months and have been in and out of hospital and in diclofenac for over a month. I'm now getting referred back to my GP.

Was just wondering if it would be worth looking in to endo or mentioning it to the docs? Looking at your blogs I feel I have a lot of the symptoms you describe and when reading up on fluid and retroverted uterus it seems these are common in women with endo??



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Hello i have just recently had a lap done for stage 4 endo and had an mri scan after to see how bad things were after the op. I have alot of scar tissue and lots of endo still left and also had fluid on my right ovary! Havent a clue what it means to be honest as i havent had anything explained to me properly which is now annoying me that doctors think we understand everything. Did they explain what it means to u? I would ask ur doctor to check for u. If u go onto endometriosis uk there is a questionarie on that to help you decide if u want to get endo looked at xx


I realize this thread is over a year old but in doing my search on "free fluid around ovaries" it came up. I thought I would share my experience. I am not from the UK but the US. I have suffered from infertility for the past 15 years. In 2010 I started having right side abdominal pain/pressure. I went to my General Practitioner who referred me for an abdominal, vaginal and pelvic ultrasound. All but my pelvic ultrasound came back normal. My GP told me that I had a considerable amount of "free fluid" around my right ovary and that wasn't normal. It usually meant an inflammation of some sort or a ruptured cyst. There was no sign of a cyst rupture and because I have been married for over 15 years they also ruled out an STD as the cause of the inflammation.. My GP sent me to a fertility specialist who has done 4 vaginal ultrasounds on me over the past 4 months. All 4 have shown significant fluid on my right ovary. According to this specialist it is often seen in women who suffer from Endometriosis however it is not diagnostic. That would also explain the pain/pressure in my right abdomen as well as the years of infertility. I have been put on an fertility medication for the last 2 months to see if I could possible get pregnant. On my last visit to the Fertility Dr. I was told that he would let me try until June of this year (2014) If I don't get pregnant naturally with using the medicine I have been prescribed he has suggested a laparoscopy. That is the only way to confirm if a woman suffers from Endo. I am praying that the medicine will work but so far it hasn't. It looks like I may be having the lapro in July.

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How to treatment gor that ? Can get baby or not? Then can we take only medicine or not? What we need to do? Now I'm suffering for that 1year above already....... thanks


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