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Adenomyosis with 'fluid' on MRI

Hello there,

I was wondering whether any of you lovely people had been told there was fluid in your uterus and what the implications of this might be.

I read a couple of things on line which didn't fill me full of confidence.

Having a diagnostic lap soon and I'm not good with surprises, even happy ones and I'm not expecting any of them!

Any info would be much appreciated.



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I have had numerous scans and 2 hysteroscopies. All times they have found a large amount of fluid in my uterus and last time a 'mass', which turned out to be an enormous blood clot. 

For me this has been a standard finding with endo and last investigations, the biopsies they took all came back normal so it's not been a sign of anything sinister with me either.

They did keep mentioning pregnancy and thought I might be pregnant, but I wasn't nor have I ever been.

Hope your lap goes okay!

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Hello Vicki,

It's very reassuring to know it isn't necessarily anything to worry about.

Don't know about you but the more stressed I get about it all the worse the pains are.

No chance I could be pregnant so it must be something else.

Thanks so much for replying, your response has really helped me to calm down.



Hi Ali,

Glad it's helped to put your mind at ease. I hope they find there's nothing to worry about beyond what you already know at your lap :-) 


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I had an ultrasound scan, and was told I have fluid in my uterus. I don't know much about it, but the gynaecologist told me that a certain amount of fluid is normal and nothing to worry about. So I asked no further questions, as it didn't seem to concern her.

I too get worse pains the more anxious and stressed I get.

Hope this helps :)

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Hello Jess,

Yes, it does help, thank you :)

Thank goodness I posted something on here - I looked online and found contradictory info, some of which was a bit scary.

I'm terrible for not asking the right questions when I see the gynaecologist. She speaks quickly and I'm always so worn out, all I can do is listen and process whatever I remember afterwards.

The gynaecologist only mentioned the fluid briefly as one of the reasons for conducting the laparoscopy. It showed up on the MRI but mustn't have been present on a previous ultrasound, although it seems a lot was missed on the ultrasound. Adhesions and adeno were spotted when I had an internal examination followed by the MRI scan, and that was only after I got very emotional as I was so sure something was wrong and could hardly believe the ultrasound only found a small fibroid. It seems to be a bit hit and miss whether any of us get the correct diagnosis...

It's amazing, and not in a good way, what stress can do!

Thanks again,



I have had more than normal fluid in my uterus since I was 13 (15 years ago). I was told back then it may be a sign of having endo so I was put in the pill and I was on it for 6 years with no problems. So for me it did not mean anything serious. 

All the best 

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Hello Sam,

Thanks for your reply.

Everything did seem to get worse for me when I stopped taking the pill but that was quite a few years ago and no doctor ever joined the dots.

I'm feeling much less scared about the outcome of the laparoscopy thanks to the responses to my post, including yours.

Best wishes to you too,



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