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Hello everyone

Just had my pelvic ultrasound results back looking for endo. Of course, they didn't find any endo so being referred to a specialist. Which is all I could have asked for I guess.

But what they did find was 9mm of free fluid above my uterus but that's all my doctor said about it. Anyone have any ideas what this might be caused by or what this means?

Thank you

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  • Hi there. I too had this outcome. I work at GP practice so I asked one of the doctors I work with to explain it to me. She said it could be a cyst that had had burst inside hence the fluid. Nothing definite but a possibility. Not sure if that's any help. X

  • Thank you that is helpful. So what did they do to get rid of it? Do you have endo as well?

  • I'm having my first lap nice month to see if I have endo. I guess they will be able to tell me more then. Thing is with scans is they don't diagnose endo, has to be the laproscopy. When do you see your specialist? What symptoms do you have? Xx

  • *lap next month

  • So with you did you go gp get ultrasound which found free fluid then get referred to gynae ? Did the gynae immediately suggest lap? I've got it all ): periods last up to 10 days extreme pain all over in stomach, back , legs . Pain during bowel movement pain 'behind ' bladder. Nausea etc etc it's getting worse. I'm even getting pain like a stitch feeling around my ovaries around a week before my period starts! You?

  • My GP kept sending me away without scans or investigation. Just kept advising to eat healthy and take pain killers so as I worked at a GP surgery I asked the doctors there to help me so they sent me for CT, MRI and ultrasound. MRI and ultrasound were pretty inconclusive but the CT was the one that showed the free fluid and also showed potential of endo and a tilted uterus. Then my work colleague GP said to take my scans to my own GP and that's when they sent me to a gynaecologist. The gynae did tests and internal examination and did suggest lap straight away as that's the only way of knowing. When do you go to see your gynae? Sounds like you're in a real state bless you. It's awful isn't it? Do you get a lot of fatigue??

  • It's frustrating isn't it. Sometimes it's a real battle to get anyone to listen. I'm glad to hear yours if finally being looked into properly now. I'm not sure. My gp sent referral letter yesterday so I just need to wait for appt to come through. Hopefully it's straight forward and they recognise my symptoms. Did they think the fluid was cause for concern? And yes fatigue all the time in fact today I had to leave work because of the fatigue more so than the pain today I work with babies so being so fatigued you can barely muster the energy to smile is not ideal!

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