could endo cause severe daily hip pain for 6 weeks??? Not been diagnosed just had ultrasound so far fluid in uterus and thickend lining

Waiting for appointment with gynaecologist go said result of ultrasound is that I have fluid that shouldn't be there and a thickend lining of uterus, I've had severe pain in both hips and pelvis for 6 weeks now, before this I suffered with heavy periods but nothing more, could I have endo? I'm so worried it could be something else as i thought endo only came and went during your cycle? Please anyone's experiences would be helpful

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  • Unfortunately endo symptoms can come and go as and when they please, I'm in some level of pain most days, pelvic hip groin and back and going down legs, periods and ovulation time are worst for most, but not all,

    good luck at your appointment, the only way to diagnos endo is with a laporoscopy, so I would think your gyne doc will refer you for one, check if he specialises in endo, if not ask if you can be referred to a specialist,

  • Would endo just come on so quickly like this withoutout ever having symptoms before? Are you always taking pain relief then? My hips are the worst and it's constantly there even with codine x thank you

  • I've had bad periods from the off, but was on pill for years before took off it coz hormone imbalance 12 years ago, I've got 3 sons youngest 10, always had niggles and back pain so used to put all pelvic hip pain down to back, then last year the pelvic pains got more frequent and I decided that I should no longer put up with it, then in September whilst investigating pains they found a kidney stone, I was in a considerable amount of pain ended up in hospital all the docs where saying that the pain didn't sound like kidney stone pain, but wasn't willing to look any further until I past the stone so I had lithotripsy to smash the stone up past it all, and have been in pain since, not as bad as whilst in hospital but daily ups and downs, so I don't think the stone was causing a problem just coincidence that they found it,

    So yes it can just come on quickly, have you suffered any other symptoms over the years periods sex, pains ect?

  • Would a kidney stone show up on an ultrasound?

    No not really alway had heavy painful periods, was sterilised about 10 years ago I keep wondering if maybe the clips could of come off but surely that would show on ultrasound?? The pain in both hips in unbearable x

  • Yes the stone would show up, and I think if the clips had come off they would see that too,

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