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Pre-scan jitters

Haven't blogged this week as I had the worst flare-up for years lasting from last Tues evening to yesterday :-(

Tomorrow is my CT scan (to see if anything has changed since the last one in 2008). Now for most people it would be a breeze, but for me as soon as I see '..and you need a full bladder' I groan. Having a full bladder hurts like hell. That's the whole reason I need this scan. Because my hospital is also a trauma centre there may be a delay of several hours before the scan. Aaargh. I have a reasonable fear of not being able to hold on and then covering the scanner with wee. I will prob be the only person with a change of clothes 'just in case'.

The scan will involve injecting a dye into my bloodstream. I'm not scared of needles, I hate them because they hurt. My arms are so scarred from a gazillion blood tests that it hurts every time.

And all for a test that I'm 99.9% sure will show nothing.

Feeling sorry for myself today but am determined to stick to a healthier diet and not reach for my old friend chocolate.


still on 50mg ami, cerezette, loratadine (for allergies)

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Hello good luck with the scan, you should speak to the consultants about your concerns when you get there as u'll be surprised at how many people feel the same and they've probably dealt with it on a daily basis. Are you taking someone along with you? let them know how u feel also. All the best and keep us posted xx


I had a ct ivu to look at my bladder and all abdomen and also got told i needed a full bladder - i had a contrast study also and had all the same worries as you. It turned out I disnt actually need a full bladder but had to drink a litre of fluid in the two hours prior to the scan just to protect my kidneys from the contrast and i could go to the loo as much as I wanted. No one told me this at first so maybe check when you get there.

Good luck and sorry you have felt so bad this pat week. You have been missed xxx


Thank you ladies. Having support from people who understand is invaluable xx


I had a scan too and I drank water beforehand but it was not enough and I had to wait and drink more . I had to have the internal one too that I did not expect . I went on my own well . I was trying to medidate so I am as relaxed as possible !! I hate hospitals smear tests and blood tests too as I have been missed so many times but I try to relax .

The internal one was painful I won't lie the rest was ok ... I grabbed the bed when I thought it was the bed but it was the lovely lady s leg!!!! How embarrassing ! I can laugh about it now !!!

The staff was lovely I have to say even though I had to have two different knees ....

Thinking of you... Try to take a good book , listening to music ... Anything to keep your mind busy and as stress free as possible . Take care xx


Hope today goes ok xxx


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