Please help I'm only 24 years old

Hi I'm new here but I don't have anyone to talk to bout this I have had 4 surgeries in the last almost 3 years for this I have even had the the full hysterectomy but bout 5 weeks after my ovaries being removed I started to have bleeding and they told me it's possible it spread to my bladder and intestions and now when I go pee it hurts so bad it brings me to tears idk what to do I just want to cry from the pain

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  • My dear you need to go to the emergency room. Something is not right. I hope you start feeling better. :(


  • I have they said I need pain medication on regular for it and i need to find a doctor to do so they won't do anything for me

  • If the pain is intolerable right now, you need to go to the emergency room. Otherwise get a regular doctor or GYN. They are the only ones who can prescribe consistent pain meds. But it sounds like you might have a UTI, or something worse. You need to be checked out again, and get a referral for a specialist.

  • I've been tested for a uti and I normally know the signs of that it only hurts when I go to empty my bladder

  • Hi, hope your ok. Please try and get an appointment with the consultant who did your surgery, your doctor can help with this. Have you had your follow up appointment post op? Are you on regular pain medication? Who told you it may have spread? First I'd go to your doctor and explain how much pain your in and what is wrong. They can test for a urine infection, though this sounds like it is more than that. They can do more tests and get you an appointment with your consultant. In the meantime they can prescribe painkillers, anti infkammatorues ir antibiotics or all depending on what you need. . I don't understand if you've had a full hysterectomy how you are bleeding. This sounds serious and you really need medical help. Please do get in touch with your doctor today, don't leave this x

  • Oh I am so sorry for how you are suffering. You need to be seen by a skilled consultant. Can I suggest you join a FB group who can direct you to proper care in the US called Endometropolis.

  • Hugs to you. Hope you can get the help you need and that some one listens. Go back to your surgeon - something sounds amiss. How long since your surgery?

  • Bout 8 months ago was my last and I did go to my doctor he dropped me as soon I was talked to him bout it

  • Yes, agree with those saying to see a consultant and specialist. (Not the ED or A&E, they are not equipped to help you).

    Good luck and let us know how you get on

    LBB x

  • I'm in process of trying to find a doctor I'm having no luck I just want to cry :'(

  • I don't want to get really personal but I can't really ask without doing so has anyone since they have been diagnosed with this have any issues with a cyst right above ur Umm clit ?

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