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They couldn't do the transvaginal scan! Anyone else?

I was due to have my transvaginal scan today at hospital. They couldn't do it as my muscles where too tight down there due to anxiety. They sent me away for an hour to drink more water so they could do a normal scan more clearly as I hadn't drank enough before

They did a normal scan she said my ovaries looked great on the scan - no fluid no cysts..

They thought they saw fluid on the CT scan. However my scan lady said fluid around an ovary can be completely normal for it to come and go.

...However I'm still in pain around my back ,legs and ovaries. I'm scared because they couldn't do the transvaginal scan and generally scared because I don't know what's happening. She said if it was endo she wouldn't be able to see it on the scan same if it was pelvic inflammatory

I've still convinced myself I have cancer and I'm dying because I'm so scared.

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They told me I couldn't havea transvaginal scan if I hadn't had sex, even though I was having one for my vaginismus which makes no sense at all! They eventually came round and offered me one and it was kinda uncomfortable but I was still in recovery then so if I was to have it now I don't think it would be so bad! They didn't find anything at the time but that doesn't always mean there's nothing there x It just gives you a clearer idea as to if it might be endo, but they can never be sure without a lap x


It just wouldn't go in, tried for ages it was painful because my body was like nopeeeee you don't want this scan and my anxiety was full drive. They let me try myself which was even worse tbh.

She say my ovaries looked good which I guess is a relief?

Just still don't have answers. She said she wouldn't be able to see or diagnosis endo so I'd have to have a laparoscopy. Just feel really sad and stupid that I couldn't have the trans vaginal due to my own body and fear but the lady said it's really common


It's nothing to be ashamed of, I was daignosed with vaginismus over 2 years ago and am still struggling with it, and it's common in most women. My pelvic floor muscles are shot too from years of anxiety!


I've just been to my GP about having a smear test and she has given me diazapam ( only 2 tablets ) to try and take before as I have really bad anxiety and I'm worried this will happen to me. Please don't feel bad you couldn't manage it I think it's really common x


I have had entonox (gas and air) for procedures too. Might be worth the original poster investigating other options to help with a transvaginal? But tbh for an endo diagnosis, laparoscopy is prob better anyway.


Don't feel bad at all.

I was told I could have an ultrasound and not an internal as I am not sexually active. When I got to the hospital they were pushing for an internal as it would be better, I told them I really didn't want that at all.

There's just no way I would be able to have an internal, I dread anything like that because there's just no way I would be able to relax and let them do that.

I don't have any shame or worry, it's my body, as is yours, and how we feel about it is very personal.

I'm sure if it was a mans problem, an alternative and smaller solution would have been invented...


Would definitely reccomend looking into vaginismus for anyone who struggles with something like this as its easy enough to treat and can be a long awaited answer, making scans a lot easier in the future x


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