Pain with full bladder

I'm not good right now. On week 6 of zoladex and the pain has been horrific. Iv took pain killers every 4 hours constantly for 6 weeks. Dr just changed my pain killers so I don't get addicted to codeine but it's not touching it. Waiting to see my consultant but that could be months away but I'm not fussed because he is just going to tell me it's not endo pain.

My biggest concern right now is the pain I get when my bladder is full. This has just started and wondering what it can be.

I was on the verge of going to A&E earlier because of how bad the pain is.

Any advice regarding the bladder pain would be appreciated.

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Hi can you describe the pain?

It's I very sharp pain in my right hip bone area and right side of my lower back. Very intense pain that I like a switch. As soon as my bladder is full it starts. When doing a wee it's like a relief but take about 15 min after before the pain is away.

It's almost like if my bladder is full it is pressing on an open cut

Hi Sam I started have trouble with bladder when I went on zoladex, but my pain is quite different than yours. It started off with needing to go all the time, but no pain. Finished six months on Zoladex,then had TAH,BSO and excision. Things then changed . I don't need to go so often but it now feels like my bladder doesn't like to empty. As it empties a pressure builds up that then turns into pain. This can last a few minutes to a few days.

My consultant says it will improve that it's just healing from the op. The thing I don't get is that there was no endo on bladder but on uteras. So would that cause the bladder pain?

Decided I'll give it till six months post op then if I'm still having trouble they can't say it's because of op.

Can you give your consultant a call and ask their advice? I hope you get some relief soon.

I have pain with full bladder from endo. I am sorry I cant be much help but wanted you to know you are not alone. I am constantly going to the loo as do not want to have the pain from full bladder. My Husband moans about how often I go (honestly I can tell you were the closest loo is anywhere we go first thing I look for) but once you have that pain you need to avoid it at all costs! My consultant says its from the scars left from endo, but I don't know how true that is? I am going for another lap in 3 months so maybe that will relieve the pain? Pain killers don't help me with that pain the only thing that helps is avoiding full bladder, I know easier said than done!

I am suffering from bladder pain too. I had a lap 6 weeks ago to remove endo and at the same time I had a cystoscopy which showed my bladder was inflamed which is suspect of Intersitial Cystitus.

Do you notice that it hurts more when you eat certain foods or have certain drinks? I have tried cutting out things like caffeine, fizzy drinks, alcohol etc which are quite acidic and this has helped with the pain. I am not saying it's the same thing but not sure if this would help you at all.

I would say go back to your GP about the pain as you should not be suffering like this. I hope you get some relief soon xx

Yes food/drink is effecting it. I drink a lot of coffee (I known it's not good for you but I'm very tired and have 3 jobs and 2 kids).

Anyway, now I can't drink it without having a sorts tummy. Also o had a few drinks yesterday and I was very ill during the night.

Fingers crossed your better soon x

I had that a few years.ago.when I had a cyscoscopy ghry found my bladder was bleeding & they emptied my bladder with a catheter. Then gave me antibiotics. Not saying it will be the same fir you though.good luck.

Hi there. I've had problems with my bladder for years - before they diagnosed the endo (which is severe) My last op showed that the endometriosis and endometrioma had caused my bladder to shrink and it's covered in scarring - so definately effected by the endometriosis. My next op for endo will involve bladder work too. It's horrid. I really feel for you. I pee alllll the time and have pain around my bladder and often a feeling like a trapped nerve at the top of my urethra. No pain killers touch it when it's like that. I have to make sure I pee as soon as I think I want to and not leave it ..ever! I've even thought about setting an alarm during the night, because if I don't wake up and pee in the night I'm in horrible pain in the morning which lasts for an hour or so after I've peed. My consultant knows about the pain but there's nothing specifically I've been advised to do to help between now and the op. Good luck with it. I really feel for you.

Hi could it be pressure? I have just started Prostap while waiting for a hysterectomy and I get a lot of increased abdo pain if bladder full along with constipation and v. V. Lower back pain. Been told my womb is being pulled back onto my spine and bowel.

Yes, and lower back pain. I wonder why that be happening. They pain is only there when I have a full bladder. Not really noticed bowel but may be.

I'm glad I seen your post I was going to write a post similar..Ian constantly in agony until I empty my bladder. In having my few lap I 3 weeks time do you know wether they call remove endo from your bladder if it's ther??xxx

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