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Scan and lap questions??

Hi everyone, this is my first post I was hoping someone might be able to help or lend some advise.

Just wondered if anyone has had an internal scan that showed no endo. But then had a lap where they found it?

I had my scan the other day, he said I had a bit of a fibroidy womb(? - still not too sure what that means!) But that he couldn't see anything else, but because I'm in so much pain he said they'd take a look in me. Anyone else had anything similar?

Thank you for your help


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Don't worry you are in the same situation as most people. Most endo can't be seen on a scan and a lap is needed to diagnose/treat. Ovarian endo, which is what I have, can often be seen on an internal ultrasound but nothing else. I've found the ESHRE guidelines very useful when trying to understand the different types and treatment of endo. They can be found by searching google and looking at the patient version. Good luck xx

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Yes I've had numerous scans internal ultrasound colposcopy abdominal scan and ct scan, nothing has shown up, but I've been referred for a laporoscopy, because of the pain in my pelvic area and after sex and painful periods, my gyne doc said he thinks it's endometreosis or adenomyosis, still waiting for my date, I can't wait to have it done, he will cut any endo out if he finds it, good luck.


Please don't worry, internal scans very rarely show any endometriosis. It's just not invasive enough to show. The only way for a true diagnosis is a laparoscopy. I believe, if you're with NHS, they have to send you for an internal scan automatically first. It's following their check list before a laparoscopy.

Good luck x


Hi hollies, internal scans never show endo this is what a radiologist told me. But it does show fibroid, sounds as tho you may have those. A larparoscopy does show endo. Best of luck x


At my scan they found a cyst and said that based on my symptoms, they guessed I had endo but said that they can only see if u hav endo by giving a laparoscopy.


Yes I did, I had internal scans and external , every blood test possible and they found nothing but they found endo when I had my lap , it can only be definately diagnosed by a lap x


Hi there, I had an internal scan and was all clear but had a lap yesterday which showed moderate endometriosis in my pouch of Douglas and right ovarian fossa. Ultrasound will only pick up endometriomas, commonly called chocolate cysts (puts me right off chocolate!!!)...cysts filled with old blood close to the ovary that usually bleed internally every month due to endometriosis. Ultrasound won't show the smaller, more subtle actual endometrial nodules that can be attached anywhere in the body that can be seen with a laparoscopy x


Hi everyone, thank you so much for your replies, made me feel so much better, when he said he couldn't see much else I panicked thinking it was in my head or I was gunna have to go through it all again with a diff. consultant and Arrghhh! Cant do it again!

I googled what fibroids were too, non cancerous tumours =S Hopefully it won't be long till I get a lap appointment and they can be removed and I can find out what's going on in there!!

Thank you again everyone x


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