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Waaaaaait for meeee! (post scan update)

Had the CT scan yesterday. I was given a large jug of water to drink so I asked how long it would be until the scan as I have trouble 'holding on' to a full bladder, Cue puzzled look and quick flick of the eyes up and down by the nurse to try and see why I would say such a thing. Was assured it would be 15-20 mins. 30 mins later and bladder threatening to burst a second nurse calls my name then 'follow me' as strolls merrily up the corridor oblivious to the fact I'm shuffling far behind. As she's about to dissappear I manage to yell 'Wait for me!' and she turns round and again a look of surprise that I'm shuffling like an old lady. I swear this happens at every single hospital appointment I go to.

I'm then led into to scanner room and she starts bombarding me with the usual name? date of birth? address? etc. I apologise for struggling to answer and explain how uncomfortable my bladder is. Again, the puzzled look. Am then instructed to lie on the scanner bed on my front! Lying on top of a very full bladder =whole world of pain. Just about manage to get through the scan by using a relaxation technique I have used before which is to sing a favourite song in my head concentrating hard on getting all the words right. By the end of the scan I was chanting pop songs, shaking with pain, with tears pricking the corners of my eyes.

Cue the return of the now even more puzzled nurse as I struggle to get off the bed. 'Is it uncomfortable?'. Through gritted teeth I manage to spit 'Excruciating' before limping off to the nearest loo.

Next appointment I have I'm tempted to borrow my friends walking stick so I at least look disabled!

Won't get the scan results for ages. Not seeing the urologist until after my next procedure (which I'm still waiting for a date for) which is a cystoscopy (camera up into bladder). More fun to look forward to!


50mg ami, cerezette, ran out of loratadine (d'oh!)

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I can think of something else to do with those walking sticks!;) Hope you dont have to wait too long for answers Good luck :)


lol! very tempting :-)


Bless you! That really is an awful pain, I was exactly the same at one of my scans, but my sonographer was lovely, she really did understand, and even told me I had done really well, in fact probably overdone it a bit with the water and was not surprised I was in pain! She even let me go and relieve myself a little bit when he had done what she initially needed to do.

It's just that I remembered having a pregnancy scan 20 years ago (!!), not having drunk enough water, and being sent back out to the waiting room to have more, delaying my excitement of seeing our baby.

Hope you have a good outcome, and don't have to wait too long for dates for your next procedure. Waiting really is the hard part.

Take good care of yourself xxx


You can go to your gp and ask for the results. It is what I did ! Good job because when I went to hospital the doctor did not read my notes ! Xx


The same happened to me at the Liverpool women's hospital.....and to add injury to my pain I had to wait for my ultra sound surounded by pregnant women ...I was by then 10 years into IVF treatment still childless.....while they all went in ,got scanned and left . In the end a rather tearful with the pain me hobbled through to the nurse and told them I had to go to the loo.


Last time I went they told me to drink another litre on topof the litre I had already had. I had to go and knock on the door of the ultrasound room and beg to be seen immediately as I just could not hold on any longer. I swear that was the most uncomfortable i have ever been in my life! And I have to go again next week :(


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