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Zoladex not working

At the moment i am on Zoladex, on my third injection. Up until today i had pain that i could cope with as pain seemed to be better especially when walking, Pain level was 5/6 at worst when sitting and 3/4 when walking now it's 7/8 whether walking or sitting :(. Today however i am in agony like someone cutting me with a knife worse on left side pelvic area which isn't relieved when walking. Can i take painkillers co codamol while on Zoladex ? On the bright side no work today :) Do you think i should go back to my doctors or will it be a wasted trip?

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Hi, and I am sorry you are having such a horrible time :(

I would have thought that the Zoladex should have kicked in by now, so I don't think you have anything to lose by going back to the GP. On the other hand my pain always gets worse just before the Zoladex takes effect, so maybe it has been delayed with you for whatever reason.

And yes, you can take painkillers while on Zoladex :)

Take care

C xxx


Hi, are your injections 4 week or 12 week ones? Whenever I have been on Zoladex it has taken a good 12 weeks to work fully. To my knowledge it's fine to take all painkillers as normal. If it has been longer than 12 weeks it sounds like it's not working for you.

hope that helps


I'm glad you posted this question because I am having exactly the same problem at the moment. I'm on Zolandex for the second time and if anything it's made the pain worse. Chrissie66 you mentioned this side effect: has this happened to you in your experience? xx


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