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Laparoscopy Tomorrow

Hi everyone. I'm new to this site as only very recently after suffering for over a year, I think I might have endemetriosis after displaying and suffering with all the symptoms of it.

I'm having my laparoscopy tomorrow and I'm nervous as I'm not sure what they will find.

I'm 31 in July and I fly a lot of long haul for my job and it's impacted on me massively. I thought it was just me as I kept getting infections in my pelvis and antibiotics weren't helping.

Just looking for advice and support really as I'm apprehensive about everything. In pain on a daily basis which I've just had to grin and bear as I thought it was just all in my head!!!

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you :)

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Hello, I'm having my first lap on Saturday and can't wait to find out what's wrong with me,mum more worried about nothing being found now as I've been round the houses with docs a department, and don't want to have to go back to the drawing do ard,mit very hard dealing with pain on a daily basis and like you this has had a big bearing on my and my families life, I can't do much some days and when I'm feeling a low pain day am to scared to do to much incase it makes the pain worse,

Good luck with your op, if endo is found will they excise it whist there, my gyne has said he will do what ever nessesery.

Xxxx let me no how you get on


Hi - have a read of my post on endo and its symptoms to try and make sense of it all. Click on my username.

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Hey :)

Good luck with your lap, you'll be fine! It'll be such a relief to finally have a name for whats causing all your symptoms!!

I actually found my lap to be absolutely fine - was so so nervous and worried, but when i came round, i was given good painkillers, and recovered after about a week and a half :)

Theres so many people on this forum that offer support so your definitely not alone in this! Good luck and i hope you'll finally be pain free!! :)

Emma Xx

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Thank you Emma

What things could you do and not do after? How did you find wearing jeans etc. I have a christening to go to with my boyfriend 4 days after the op! I'm going sick after the op as I'm not allowed to fly but just worried about pain after and how I will manage as don't wanna be laid up for weeks!!

Did you find that your pain and symptoms eased up?? X


I had my op on the Wednesday, and left the hospital by 6.30pm, went home with my Morphine and my hot water bottle and just stayed in bed until the weekend. On the Saturday we were supposed to be going on a walk with my boyfriends family, but we just met them at the pub rather than walking. I found i was ok as long as i was sat down, and i kept up a dose of Ibuprofen and Paracetamol, even if i wasn't in too much pain, as i didnt want to risk being poorly. I did find i was worse the day after though - just exhausted and in a bit more pain, so just take it easy - don't push yourself, and don't stay out too long - also be really careful no one knocks you!

I would say by the following monday (so a week and a half after) i was able to do things pretty much as normal, although i knew when i'd pushed myself as i'd be in pain the next day!

I didnt really wear Jeans much afterwards - although wearing a size thats a little larger on you will be fine, just make sure they aren't tight. Leggings/tights are a lifesaver. Make sure you take a pillow for the car journey after your op too, to put where the seatbelt hits your stomach.

After my op in June where they found small amounts of Endo and lasered it off, i kept taking my contraceptive pill which carried on with my periods, and since November i haven't really had a proper period since then, and have noticed my symptoms are slowly coming back unfortunately! Nowhere near as bad as they used to be though!!


Emma Xx

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Oh wow thank you Emma you have been great! Right so don't do much walking and keep tablets on me and pillow for the car. Done. I didn't realise it would be sore etc as the consultants make out it's such a simple easy op!! I was supposed to have had it 2 weeks ago and after waiting 5 hours in my gown then cancelled on me! I was furious and demanded in get another date ASAP which I did so only needed to go back to work last week, did 2 trips so I'm glad to have earnt something this month!!

I guess I will have to make my bf and my mum wait on hand and foot for me!! Haha

Oh I didn't realise they gave morphine...it's that general? Or were you in a lot of pain?

Hope you are healing up nicely Hun x

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No worries, its nice to know what stuff you need to take and everything :)

Oh god, i honestly would've cried if they would've cancelled mine whilst i was waiting, i was lucky that i was 2nd in!

Erm im not sure if its normal, it was only for the first few days, i was quite sore but i think i had it quite easy after hearing some ladies stories. I was told to alternate between all 3 medications every 4 hours or so, and it definitely helped me sleep.

I would also say the first time/few times you have a shower, make sure someones around - my boyfriend stayed in the bathroom with me just as i felt a little light headed. If not, then just don't lock the door and make sure your mums around.

I am stubborn and absolutely hate staying in bed so it was difficult but it definitely helped me recover quicker, i was lucky that my boyfriend stayed off work with me the rest of the week, and he was amazing, as i was a little scared of being on my own.

The nurses are great though, the shoulder pain from the gas can be quite painful so make sure you tell them if your in pain as they can help take the edge off.

I would honestly have another lap tomorrow if it would help alleviate my symptoms, really wasn't as bad as some peoples experiences!

Good luck and update us on how you get on :)

Emma Xx

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Ahh that's great your boyfriend was there to look after you. I will be with my mum for 3 nights then with my bf, I have to drive to get to his so hoping on ok to drive on Saturday!

Yeah it was awful being cancelled on I was so upset, in tears!! They said they didn't have time to do me and I felt so let down! Still I'm in early tomorrow so hopefully all will go to plan!

I heard about the pain from the gas...that's what I'm dreading but I've been in hospital enough times and I always make sure I can get whatever pain relief I can get whilst I'm there!! Haha

Thanks so much for replying Emma - you have been a great help. Will post back on here tomorrow when I'm back home to let you know how I got on😊

Charlotte xx


Ah that's good you've got your mum, just be careful driving at the weekend, I would probably say it would be a little early to drive - and your insurance may not cover you, but see how you feel, only you know how you'll feel!

Ha good glad I'm not the only one to make sure I have decent painkillers :)

Yes please let me know, will have my fingers and toes crossed that you finally get seen tomorrow and that your not in too much pain!

Good luck :)

Emma xx


Thank you Emma....you⭐️

Charlotte xx


Good luck, wish you all the best, looking forward to hearing how you get on x


Thank you durdledoor!

Will post back in here tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for the love ladies!! X


Had lap surgery three weeks ago and you will feel pain post op. I can also recommend:

-peppermint tea post op for getting rid and easing trapped gas. During the op they pump you full of air so they can see your organs better. Sometimes some air gets left and you will feel it as shoulder pain. I found that the worse pain. Mint tea is a great tip from the ladies on this sight.

-nightshirt instead of pjs so it doesn't catch on wounds.

- stock up on sanitary pads if you don't normally wear them as there may be post op bleeding. They advised against tampons.

- hot water bottle or heat pad for stomach.

Good luck 🌟

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