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Excision surgery tomorrow, starting to feel nervous.

Heya, I'm due to go into hospital at 11am, the list starts at 13:30. I'm having excision of the endometriosis, excision of the peritoneal wall, cystoscopy with bilateral stenting. I was diagnosed in July 2013 with 'mild but widespread' endo and had it lasered and have had trouble since.

I'm starting to get nervous now, do you girls have any tips? I've packed my bag but feel like I'm forgetting something.

Instead of a PCA I'm having an epidural for pain relief as it's been recommended for me by a pain specialist, I'm usually very drowsy after a general and I've had problems with the ward I'm being admitted to.

If you've had this surgery what was your recovery like? And how are you now?

The surgeon said I'd be asleep for about 3 hours.

I've also had to have the lovely bowel prep, have been nil by mouth for 14 hours now. can't wait for the next 24 hours to be over with.

Wishing you a comfortable night x

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Not had this. But wanted to say - good luck for tomorrow. Hope it goes well xx


Thank you xx


Hi, I am 6 weeks post op and life is great. I had similar things done, including a hysterectomy, excision, cyst and fibroid removal and it was all done keyhole. Back to normal in every way now... Good luck and listen to your body, if it says rest then put your feet up. The housework will still be there when your better!


I also had a surgery for excision of endometriosis stage 4 two weeks ago. After the surgery, I felt very drowsy and tired but relieved it was finally over. The next day although it was slightly uncomfortable to move around because of the stitches I couldn't wait to go home. Hospitals are boring and night shift nurses are lazy. For the first few days everything felt like it was upside down in my belly and twisted as they had to cut and put everything back in its place. After a week and stitches removed, I felt much better. Short walks help every other day but no longer than 30 mins because I start to feel slight pain. I don't lift heavy stuff even though the pain is not there my insides are still healing so trying to be very careful with the healing process but also making sure my daily life is not disrupted. All in all it's taken two weeks for me to feel like myself again but I reckon it will take at least 4-6 weeks to completely heal inside and get back to normal routine. To be honest, after the surgery even though I was uncomfortable and in slight pain I've been the happiest I ever been in a long time because finally it's over and I don't have to go through tes agony i went through before I had surgery. Mind you, I haven't had my period yet so let's wait and see but I'm hopeful. Good luck with your op x

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Hi, well I guess you have had your op now. I hope your recovery is starting well. I posted and read things a few times on here at my darkest points and it helped. I had emergency op Tuesday morning and the pain has been bad, I won't deny that. I had cyst removed, a little endo removed and my right tube tested. Everything else was just a rummage around. I've not been told good news regarding my fertility afterwards, and being put on zoladex for 6 months to calm everything down so he can operate to remove more endo next time. I was in over three hours Tuesday. Not looking forward to another as I've really struggled to come to terms with everything. Maybe next time, I will know what to expect. I'm hopefully going home tomorrow, I've never been in hospital for so long! I wish you all the best for your recovery. X

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