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what are the best painkillers to take with endo?

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Hi, My names Shannon, im 18 and i was diagnosed with endo at the age of 15 by having a lap in 2010 and had symptoms since i was 12. I am currently taking the pill and diclafenic in order to control the bleeding and the pain, lat december in 2011 i had surgery to remove the endo by laser and i am still having the pain really bad. is there any advice that i could get please as the diclafenic is not helping and i was wondering how everyone else copes with the pain.


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Tramadol helps me - but it does make me dizzy. Nothing else touches it.

You need to see your gynae, cause all medication that might work for endo pain must be prescribed. Heat pads are working really well and try to follow a bit the endo diet. You will find all info for this diet online. x

something like naproxen is good as well, its an anti inflamatory

thanks, ill have a look at the diet and ill go see my gynae to see what she can suggest aswell x

It's trial and error I'm afraid! Everyone reacts differently to different painkillers. Agree a dosage and timescale with your GP each time you try a new one (eg try it for x days) then go back if it's not working.

In the meantime heat pads/hot water bottle or a warm bath and ANYTHING you can do to reduce stress may help.

Good luck xx

thanks ill try that xx


Ive found codeine and diclofenic are best but i also take anti sickness tablets because of the codein. this is all on perscription but it helps the pain but the tablets make you feel crappy so i still are unable to work on these days just bed and hot water bottle.

Mine is probably now more adhesion than endo as in menopause. I take Co Drydamol and it helps but if the pain is really intense I can still feel a background pain with these. Also, codeine can make you constipated so you need to take something to soften and ease transit of faeces like Fybogel and/or Lactalose too. I asked my Gp for stronger pain relief, she offered me Tramadol but because I drive I was worried they may affect my driving! I take Zopiclone to help me sleep as nights are always painful. My Gp said try and take Paracetamol in between but Paracetamol do not touch this pain, so always looking for a better more efficient pain method.

The only thing that touches my pain now is pethidine, and we only found that out through trial and error. As has been said, everything affects everybody differently; lots of ladies swear by Tramadol but it makes me really jumpy and ill. Morphine made me physically sick, as did diclofenac, and codeine didn't come close. Pethidine isn't ideal (not least because every time my GP changes, which is often in my surgery, or we get a new pharmacist I am subjected to the third degree about why I 'need' class A drugs 'just' for period pain...ARGH!!!) but it hits the spot. Or at least somewhere near it.

Interestingly, my gynae tells me that there are studies coming through which suggest that anti-inflammatories, which you would assume would be perfect, are not the best way to go for endo pain.

It's likely that nothing you get over the counter will be very helpful so yes, see your GP, who may in turn refer you to a pain clinic. It might take a little while before you find the right one for you, but you will :)

Good luck

C xxx

I know suppositories are not popular in the UK but I know when I had severe endo pain, I used to find that Diclofenac suppositories worked really well. I first had the experience of pain relief from a suppository when I passed out with endo pain(undiagnosed then!) in a department store in Munich when I was a teenager (I am in my 60s now!!)

Your doctor's reaction may be surprise when you ask for them but they are prescribable. You don't get the gastro-intestinal side effects that you get from oral tablets of Diclofenac (Voltarol). Hope this helps

There are only 2 types of pain killer, anti inflammatory , and morphine based. I take dicloflex (diclofenac, an anti inflammatory ) and co-codamol (codeine and paracetamol) together for the best result, and along with ranitidine to protect your stomach. Paracetamol gets the codeine into your system faster, but I've found you must take lactose syrup with it (the codine) or you will be in even more pain from the constipation it causes. Try, if you can to stay away from tremadol as it's addictive. I hope this helps x

I found that diclofenac dispersible really helps but a lot of GPs don't like to prescribe it because of the risks and because the dispersible version is more expensive than the normal tablets,

However, one GP said to me (no idea if this is true!) that when you are in severe pain your digestion stops and the dispersible tablets therefore get into your bloodstream more quickly.

I layer diclofenac with paracetamol and codeine alongside my amitryptiline, you'll find others on here take different combinations, but do go and see your GP about this as I;m sure you can take something that will help. For me, this is the combination that allows me to work without being spaced out. If I wasn't at work I'd probably make different choices.

You do need to make an informed decision about painkillers though as nothing is side effect or risk free.

Best wishes

Thanks everyone, I'll go and speak with my GP and see what she suggests is best and if theres anything else i could try xx

ive tried paracetomol codeine ,tramadol ,diclofenac, noproxin ,amitryptiline,co codamol, nothing works on my very bad days ,on my not so bad days tramadol does seem to take the edge of the pain so the pain is then bearable ,dont really like tramadol though they make me feel squint ,but when in pain needs must,,i also can not sleep on tramadol im awake all night ,the doctors gave me sleeping tablets to relax me at night so i can sleep ,,nope didnt work im still wide awake wen i take them ,so tramadol is tricky because wen your shattered from been in all the pain and you carnt cope with pain nomore and take tramadol but then your left with still been shattered and carnt sleep and still been in pain but not as bad ,then you get up next morning and your still shattered coz you havent slept then the pain starts all again ,its like a visious circle ,xx

Hi there..I am 45 and have had 5 Sx with the endo always coming back. I have severe pain during ovulation and during my period. My Gyno finally put me on Loritabs 7.5 and I get 40 a month to manage the pain. The 40 pills usually lasts me for 2 months and since he put me on them I am able to work and have a life. Ive tried hormones ,Naproxen, Tramadol but nothing subsided my pain. My pain was so severe my bp reached dangerous levels. Loritab is addicting and if you tend to misuse drugs its not for you. But i finally resorted to what worked.

Have been fighting endo pain for ten years now. Nobody believes it when I say nothing works for this pain now......my best bet is a very hot water bottle....and being locked in my room howling in pain till I am too tired to even cry

my name is Amal i have endo stage 4 and my GB could not help me rather than prescribing a pills and she only told me that i need fertility clinic so what should i do to reduce the pain and how can i have a baby

for best advice and for best doctor for endometrios please contact me my email dacfarad4@hotmail.com

Thank You

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