Any one get upper right abdominal pain with endo?

I've been having bad upper right abdominal pian for about 6 months now which is different to my usual endo pain. Had 2 ultra sounds and an endoscopy and the gastroenterologist can't find what's causing the pain said it might be due to endo. I was just windering if anyone else had similar problems? I am really struggling with the pain and am having to leave my job cause I can't cope with working full timne and managing the pain. It's getting me down :-(

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  • hi - for the majority of my 'chronic pain' it has been lower left pelvic, lower left back and then when on period it spreads across the middle - but last 6-8 wks i am noticing lower right pelvic too, but sometimes its a bit higher, like more hip bone level, my gp said probably bowel, and hasn't noted it at all, which i think all symptoms/pains should be noted - i have had to scale down my working hours from over 40 hrs a week to now 8-12 hrs a week, i'm self employed so have been able to do that without any problems from bosses obviously, but money is becoming so tight, and i feel so guilty that i'm not contributing like i did, especially now that i have older children i should be working lots of hours - some days i dont know how i get through work - it is depressing isn't it, but we keep painting that smile on xxx

  • hi i get upper right pain and like a burning feeling i went to see my gp they said it could be my endo i have to tell my consultant when i go back in august

  • I used to have pain around ribs on right side, putting slight pressure on them had me wincing I could't lay on my tummy as very uncomfortable. Also had lots of pain in my hip. Since removal of 5cm endometrioma in right ovary and treatment of Prostap for 3 months all pain gone away - could be you have a cyst in your ovary? US scans were poor on finding my one. x

  • Could it be gall stones? If you have had gall bladder removed, could be sphincter of Odi dysfunction, I suffer from latter and is worse around time of period (upper right pain, can be mild or severe) x

  • Cheers for your replies. I had both ovaries out so its not an ovarian cyst. I had an ultrasound and no stones showed up. Am still in agony especially after I eat. Am at GP Thursday. Gynae said there was no more he could do for me as I had a total hysterectomy and it was unlikely to be active endo. feel a bit just left in pain. X

  • Go see a urologist my gyno says the same n I have the same situation. It's a urological problem now even through endo may b causing it. It probably spread to different parts of ur body. Best wishes n here is my email add if u need anything else ok how hard it is to go thro all this

  • Hi! Yes I suffer with right upper abdo pain. I had a laparscopic procedure and it was found that I have endo tissue growing on my gall bladder. My gynae consultant gave me the pictures to keep! So maybe thats what you're suffering? x

  • Hi Kelstu41 thanks for your reply. I'll mention it to my GP when I'm there. Cheers x

  • I have indo as well n my upper back, abdominal, n side is starting to hurt. I went to the hospital last night n woke up with the pain. Last night I took several pain pills n a neurontin. I was still n pain. But out of all that the neurontin help the most r mayb wit the pain killers too. But the doctor from the er gave me Bentyl which is a cross between pain killers n benzodiazepines . The way he explain it to me I think it will help wit the pain the best but we'll c right. My fam r bout to pic it up n a few. But it's a definate that pain killers with neurontin helps wit the pain. There is so much more I want to share bout this that I've been going through wit endo but it would take so long to write but I will tell u this I've been going through the terrors of indo for years with 4 surgeries n another one coming up next Friday. So let me no if u need to no anything bout endo complications. My email u can reach me at is jennluvshergirls@

  • N get the heating pad out this part is very important for both upper n lower abdominal pains.

  • Yes Finally after I had a CT, EGD, US, Bloodwork., Had BSO surgery Oct 14th, 2 weeks later severe upper side pain again, daily nausea & vomiting till present almost 3mos.. Finally got appt w/surgeon again who stated it's all due to the Endometriosis. which I had stage 4. But I never knew I had it till a prior surgery in April 2013. Damage is already done. Endometriosis, Infected mass, Prior Surgery = Big scar down of belly/abdomen. He suggests I go to a Chronic Pelvic Pain clinic..

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