anyone given up on pain relief

Hi i dont seem to be getting any relief from any mediacation!! I have taken usual ibruprofen, paracetamol, naproxen, mefenamic acid, codeine phosphate and nothing seems to give me any results so is it worth taking anything. i am so bloated and sore with pain that moving around is uncomfortable. Help and advice greatly appreciated I know have have an outcome with the hysterectomy but weeks to wait !!!!!!!

Thanks catcat

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  • Hi

    None of the painkillers you have listed work for me either, occasionally codeine will do something, so I dont tend to bother with them anymore, but I find that tramadol with paracetamol works when its bad and also a 24hr strong dose of diclofenac called econac which is amazing on the worst days of my period but can be quite difficult to get a gp to prescribe it as its supposed to be for post-surgery use and only for a couple of days. Plus there's always heat pads which do have some effect but not when its horrendous!

    Hope you get some relief soon.

    Hayls x

  • I got a tens machine for xmas and have found it to be amazing. Really helps with dragging sensation and when i have bad spasms i turn it up until pain settles. They are around £60 from boots or can hire from pain clinic.

    Also tramadol helps me through bad days. I can still feel the pain but the tramadol makes me not care about it.

    Good luck xxx

  • I've tried all sorts over the years but nothing has really worked. I'm now on oramorth liquid which does work, I take it every 4 hrs and this week I will be going back to Gp so the oramorth dose can be calculated and slow realease morphine tablets will be given.

    Side effects- constipation but I use movicol to combat this. I first started using it nearly a week ago and it's really good for pain relief, I use 5ml/10mg.

    To begin with it makes you feel very tired. Good luck x x

  • I have found that a lot of my pain was actually being caused by my pain killers making me constipated!! I've been on norethisterone for 8 months now and can safely say that my pain caused by gynea issues has almost gone!! I still take tramadol for my restless legs and back ache and use an electric heat pad too. Can you not ask your gp for norethisterone until you have the hyst? I cant take most contraceptive pills as they make me bleed constantly, norethisterone is the only thing that's worked for me, might be worth giving it a try? big hugs hun xxx

  • Hi I am on norethisterone and its worked brilliant for a long time but not no more unfortunately but I hope it keeps working for you x x. I am back to gynae tomorrow fingers crossed they will do it sooner x take care x

  • i have bu trans patch whicj=h helped me immensely

  • i was given dihydrocodine and naproxin to try this morning so far all i have is a wicked urge to nap!!

  • Hiya

    I'd ask your GP to prescribe you Econoc suppositories, they are the only thing that works for me and they don't make you constipated. As the lady above said they don't like prescribing them but its worth a try. Good luck x

  • Hi did the gp prescribe your patch?

    Thanks :)

  • my gynacologist recommended tramadol suppositries anyone tried them? thanks

  • yes gp did prescribe my patch however i am feeling really well at the moment has had 6 months worth of zoladex only prob with patch is i a had withdrawal symptoms trying to come off it but am currently on half strength and i dont need anything else at all for pain at the mo xxx

  • not tried tramadol suppotries did try diclofenac suppositries but they didnt touch me when the pain was really bad xxx

  • in fact the only thing that did really worked was oramorph and i was on that 10 mls every hour at one stage as that was the only thing that kept me out of hospital xxx

  • im on tramadol normally but found it was havin less pain releif affect on doc suggested codeine...well ive had only codeine for 3days and feel like ive been ran over with a struggling..will b seeing doc on mon morning...its hit and miss ive found..i cant take the pill bleed straight through on naristerone...feeling pressure build upalready been on 2weeks...xxxx

  • 400 mg Tramadol, 800mg Cocodamol, 160mg Buscopan and Diclofenac suppositories and STILL I am in pain, have been every day for four months, still not diagnosed or even had a lap, not sure I can take this much longer, next step Morphine.

  • Take codeine and paracamol seperately and that way you can up your codeine dose. Have you been to gynae? Im on the same except sounds like you are on alot of buscopan. I swapped dicloce ac for mefanamic acid and that helped a bit more than diclocefenac.

    What tests have they done? The key in your appointments is to male sure it is effecting your daily living.

    They have to give you a diagnosis as you are needing too much medication to continue like that.

    Good luck x


    This website has loads of stuff but this TENS machine is dirt cheap and I'm gonna invest in one, I'm also gonna try those BuTrans patches as they sound worthwhile. Hope everyone gets the pain relief they're looking for!! Good luck everyone.

    Leya :)

  • Hi the butrans patch 5 mg has made me so ill I left it on for 4 days it really made me like a zombie didn't know what I was doing and fell asleep all the time I will not be using them again, but was great pain relief!!!

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