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Does anyone know if/how I can try and get treatment moved along faster?

Hello, I had a lap 4 years ago and went well and was doing really well, but over the past 6 months things have been quite bad and the pain is really interfering in my everyday life, as well as causing me to be quite low emotionally. I have been put on Tramadol, but hate to take it as I get very ill with it. I am on walfrin and the first time this happened it took a year to get an op date, so this time I've been trying to push things along. I had two scans and a referral to a gyny in Birmingham women's hospital but once again hit a brick wall with getting treatment. They have once again told me to come back within 3 months to discuss things. Can I push to get things done faster? and do people know the best way about getting a lap done soon? thanks for any help!

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If you complain to your GP enough they can ask the gyna to see you earlier, or you can complain to the gynae secretary to be ask to be seen sooner.

I absolutely can not stand come back in 3 months, (it should be rephrased to come back whe its worse) completely NOT FUNNY joke!

Wait three months for what exactly? If you have not been given a treatment other than pain killers I can see no reason why they want you wait three months. Pain killers only mask the pain and make you three months of pain make you think it's normal to have it! But what is walfrin?

Complaining is not fun, but once you do, they won't try fobb you off again!



The simplest answer is private, you could get an appointment with a gynae and have a lap done within 2 weeks, mine was all done in 10 days of my referral. However, if you can't afford to go private I would either phone the secretary of the gynae you've just seen and explain that you are really struggling, cant wait the 3 months he recommended and need an appointment sooner (then phone and chase everyday until you get an appointment!) or failing that I would go back to my GP and request a second referral to a different gynae on the hope that that gynae would be of more help. Out of interest, did you request a lap and if so did the gynae give you any reasons for why they didnt want to book you in for it? Sometimes its not beneficial to have too many laps as the procedure itself can make things worse, new adhesions etc, but then again it's been 4 years....

Hope you get some treatment soon.

Hayls x


Thank you for the responses. The main reason why they are putting me off (as far as I can tell) is that I'm on walfrin (a blood thinner for a previous heart condition) and it makes any surgical treatment slightly more complicated. I have thought about private but I don't think I can afford it. thanks for the advice though, I will start my calling later on today


I suspect that the gyne's are very anxious because you are on warfarin, however depending what you are on warfarin for depends if they feel comfortable going down the surgery route. Warfarin can be stopped and a low dose of heparin can be used, this is an injection sort of the same anticoagulant you are taking but a lower dose, again depends on what you are using warfarin for eg pulmonary embolism ( blood clot) etc. A heamatologist could be involved if the gyne's are worried about the risk.

Where did you have your lap done before and could you not be refered back there?

I would miver the gyne sectery asking why you have to wait 3 mths and what are they going to do differently in 3 mths? Also miver your Gp to fax a letter to the gyne sectery to speed the appointment up. I hate mivering but it is really the only way you will get things done more quickly. It has worked for me and my Gp has been fantastic by faxing different letters to get me the lap I need.

Good luck and I hope you get it sorted x x


ring your gynae secretary and ask her to put you on the cancellation list and short notice list, also explain to her you cant wait 3months as the pain is too much.

This seems to work for me in scotland, i dont know how it is in other areas.

Good luck xx


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