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How can I get hel and not just fobbed off with painkillers?!?

Hey everyone! I'm 23 and was diagnosed in January after having surgery to remove a ovarian cyst. I had it lasered back in February then started the pill which didn't work as I bleed so now on a different pill. I'm still in agonising pain on a day to day basis and have been back to doctors and hospital numerous times but just get given more painkillers and sent on my way. Recently I've been getting alot of pain when I go for a wee went hospital today and again painkillers. When I asked how bad does the pain have to get before something can be down and the answer given was when I'm physically sick from the pain?! Can anybody help me or advise me of a process I can try to get some actual help! Sorry for the long post guys :)

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I found out after two years of agonising pain that I had endo apart from the last 6. Months I have been in agony with it I kept ending up on hospital doubled over In pain got admitted 3 times in 6 weeks and they just kept saying painkillers that's all we can do when I went to see the consultant he put me on provera and that didn't help I went back and they said the last thing they can do is zoledex injection. Which they did I've just finished 6 months on that now waiting to see what m y first period in 6 months is going to be like they said they can't keep going in with the camera as the more times they go in they run the risks of other problems its just a case of hormone solutions and painkillers there is no cure sorry to disappoint you but not much they can. Do. Xx


It can take time to sort what hormones work best. For me the depo injection was great, it made me bleed nearly every day, but pain was reduced. How about the coil? There are loads of good reports on here about it.

Another thing is your diet. Stay away from strong drinks for a while - just water and fruit/green tea if poss - and see if you get any improvement. If you look up irritated bladder syndrome you will see a list of drinks that aggravate the bladder and should be avoided.

Good luck x


Cranberry juice can help with bladder infection , not drinking tap water but bottled or filtered can help too. try to reduce your sugar intake as it can make things worse .

I am sorry you are in so much pain. Big hugs. Xxx


I have read blogs from other ladies that have cut out wheat gluten soya and dairy.. I'm not saying it will help but its worth a shot?

I am cutting gluten& wheat for the next 4 weeks to see if that improves?

Fingers crossed xxx


Hi sorry to hear you're suffering so much:-(

As someone who has had three cysts removed (the first one came back after six months), I would keep bothering your doctor for a start. It isn't good enough to just keep doleing out painkillers. You may need further investigations. It's possible you have another cyst which may be pressing on your bladder causing urgency or discomfort when you wee.

At the very least your doctor should be referring you for an ultrasound or back to a gynae.

Hope this helps and you get some answers soon x


Thanks for your replies its just so frustrating feels like I'm banging my head against a wall! Has anyone come off the treatment to try and conceive? If so were you in more pain?


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