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Appendix removal along with endometriosis laparoscopy

I had my second laparoscopy yesterday where my surgeon located and removed lots of small amounts of endo around various parts of my pelvic region. He described the total amount as significant and that their location would have certainly been causing pain. I was reassured to hear this as I was starting to wonder if he would find anything as my last period was relatively pain free.

I was very worried about the anaesthetic going into the back of my hand but have been doing lots of meditating lately and I remained calm during this procedure, didn't bat an eye lid when they came to take blood and even administered a dose of blood thinning medication into my thigh using a needle this afternoon so I am totally convinced in the power of meditation now!!!

The only thing that happened that I didn't see coming was the removal of my appendix - my surgeon consulted with a bowel surgeon who removed it as it had folded over on itself. My surgeon is having it tested but feels sure that endo is on my appendix too.

I was wondering if any ladies on here have had any history of endo effecting their appendix?

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Hi yes I had my appendix removed in July after being rushed to hospital for the 4th time over a 18 month period. I had my third lap which found my appendix inflamed by Endo. Not a great experience but certainly explains why I had been suffering from such a degree of pain on my right side. I can happily say I went at least three months without any Endo symptoms, unfortunately it's back but at least my appendix is out so that's one less place it can attack!!! ;-) Glad your operation went well.


Hi, I jus had laproscopy on 2/02/2015 I had my apendix and the endo on womb removed an mirena put in. Unfortunately they couldn't save my appendix due the endo it had spread an reached my apendix which caused it to become trapped in my side and inflamed. After my operation the surgeon come an spoke to me an told me they had to remove some endo from my stomach area too but he said I need to go back as it's spread alot around my stomach and my overies. I have to go back in 6 months to get the rest removed. I was abit doped up at the time but I think he said it would be lazor treatment next time I go in.. he also stated because of the extent of the endometriosis they aren't sure if the mirenas going to help. I've suffered for near 5/6years and have just been fobbed off with tablets from my doctors over the yrs I was finally referred to a gynecologist in October 2014 all thanks to a nurse helping out at my gp surgery lol I went in with a w.infection she asked me some ?s and she read through my medical notes ect an told me I need to be referred to a specialist. I had never heard of this until i was diagnosed with it, i think doctors need to be a bit more aware and clued up on endometriosis as this is quite a common thing nowadays from what I've been reading up on and so many women are suffering for years before they are diagnosed.


I had a hysterectomy in April due to endometriosis. I felt a painful lump on my right side (ovary still there) in June and had a ultrasound and catscan. It's not a hernia. They think it may be scar tissue. They also found abnormalities on my appendix and into my colon. The doctor thinks he will need to remove my appendix. Could this be endometriosis on my appendix and colon? When the doctor did my hysterectomy, he said I had endometriosis everywhere.

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Yes! I had a second lap last wednesday where endo was treated and they also called a bowel surgeon to remove my appendix! It seems my whole pelvis area was inflamed which may have caused it but I was also very confused like you! Take care and speedy recovery xxx


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