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No "obvious signs of Endometriosis" all the symptoms

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Hi, I had my 3rd lap 4 weeks ago, checking for endometriosis . Doc said there were no "obvious" signs of it. However I have adhesions which he removed. I have also had my right tube removed when I was 16 and I was told 4 weeks ago I also had my right ovary removed, either when they took my appendix or my tube :( this was news to me.

Anyway I have had no relief from my symptoms or from the pain! I have all the symptoms and this has being going on for 10 years with many scans.

Could my doctor had missed the endo??

Thanks. X

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Hi hunni I have had 5 laps and had endometriosis yes ago removed it hadn’t returned, but I have had left side pain for about 4 years now, pain during sex heavy periods clotting really bad, just had another lap had my tubes removed and an endometrial ablation had half done in April and had the other half done while in for this surgery. Doctors have no clue how to help me and I’m at my whits end with the pain nothing helps, Ano this might not help but I’m kind of in the same position.

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Amelie8 in reply to dixxx

Thank you..

I totally understand all the same symptoms!

Did they find the endo, with your first op? Xx

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dixxx in reply to Amelie8

I had endometriosis years ago and it was removed xx

yes endo can be missed. under general gynae they missed stage 4 endo during my first lap. have u ever had an mri?

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Amelie8 in reply to dawntildusk

Thanks for replying.

Had one many many years ago.. not recently since it's got so bad. ?!

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dawntildusk in reply to Amelie8

might be an idea to push for another one to see whats going on x

Did you have it before but you treated it ?

And now after last laproscopy there is no endometriosis

Or you didn’t get diagnosed with endometriosis at all ?

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Amelie8 in reply to Bdgjdjd

I've not had a proper diagnosis of endo. It has been suspected by my gynaecologist.

They went in to look for it but found adhesions.

Wonder if it can be missed as I'm in the same pain if not more! Today is awful it hurts so much to move and go to the toilet.

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Bdgjdjd in reply to Amelie8

As i have endometriosis that caused adhesions in my case

I can say adhesions pains are the worse

So you have pain for a reason this is normal with adhesions

I have pain during weeing and pooping (sorry) that leaded me to go to the hospital many times because i have adhesions that formed because of endometriosis

So adhesions them self are so painful

Adhesion gal here, it is so similar to endo, just less common it seems or if they go hand in hand docs usually say its endo pain.

Changing your diet can make a huge difference. Also, being just 20lbs overweight can make it worse. Doing certain tasks can trigger so maybe try a diary for a week or few to discover those.

Hydration is key to adhesions and endo in my experience and observation from forum feedback and medical journals. Chinese herbs and other supplements have helped me a lot. Eat things easy to digest and imagine hydrating, slippery foods like salmon, avocado to cucumbers. Avoid sugar, alcohol, caffeine (however one cup of coffee can make or break colon regularity so maybe do not cut that out) and limit dairy. All this has helped me. Heating pad too, stay active but maybe walk slowly and at times spanx kinda support can physically help take the blow off when stepping etc which can tuck and cause pain. Research Pelvic PT, excellent exercises there. Hugs!

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