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Still so bloated 7 weeks after lap

Hi ladies,

I had my lap 7 weeks ago today and the bloating is still really bad. My breasts are painful from going on the pill. My ribs, back and tummy hurts inside and my tummy is so bloated. I am only comfy in loose clothes and my PJ's. I have always been bloated and get IBS and food intolerances but this is a whole different level. My consultant said it could take months to get back to normal. Is anybody else the same? I just feel fat and round and having just tried on a pair of my normal size 12 trousers and not being able to even attempt to fasten them, am feeling unattractive, sore and round:-(

End of rant xxxt

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Big part in bloating after lap is because of the high pressure gas they used during the lap. Different doctors work with different pressures. What I mean is that after my first lap I was so bloated for 3 months and more. When I had my second lap with a different doctor, he told me that he works with the minimal gas pressure, and believe me even after surgery I was back to normal, like I was before any surgery.

The bloating will go away, be patient and try to avoid food that make bloating worse, like broccoli, fizzy drinks, beans etc.

Jo x



I too had serious bloating after my last lap. What they don't tell you is that they can actually release the gas before they close you up with certain techniques. I only read this after my lap and if I have one again I will make sure that this will be done. I can only imagine the reason they do not expel the gas is because they have never had it done to them? I found peppermint tea really helped me and Pilates. Yes I know Pilates is the last thing you can imagine but there are teachers out there that do post op gentle exercise that really really help with the swelling/ hot air balloon type symptoms!



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