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How will the combined pill help me?

I had my first gynae appointment the other day...intially the Dr didn't think i had "classic signs" of endo, but by end of consultation he thought I might have it on bowel and chocolate cysts.

I am booked for a lap plus or minus treatment in next 8 weeks. Am soooooo scared as the Dr even mentioned stomas :( after everything going so slow, feel like everything now all speeded up.

I asked if there was anything he could suggest to help with pain i gave everyday; already on paracetamol, mefanamic acid and tramadol. He said no as i have no diagnosis, but then said try combined pill.

My question is how does this benefit, I'm confused and also want to see if worth the risk as on progesterone only pill as my Dad had stroke at young age, so need to have clotting studies to see if I can go on combined or should i just put up with pain for another couple of cycles?

Also does it matter if you have your period when you have your lap? And do you have to stop your pill before?

Thank you, wishing you all some relief over christmas timexxx

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Hi there,

Combined oral contraceptive blocks ovulation so that means you don't have normal cycles. The pill over rides your system and just gives you a withdrawal bleed in the week off. It is possible to run 2 packs together so there's no bleed which can help even more. For most women it is a treatment with fewer serious side effects so probably why the consultant offered it when your diagnosis isn't confirmed. With your family history it might not be as safe - but the clotting studies etc should help to work that out. More info here: endometriosis-uk.org/inform...

As far as I know it doesn't matter where you are in your cycle when having the lap. You should have a pre-operative assessment by the hospital where you can ask about which medications to continue with or stop.

Endometriosis UK do a really good information pack which might be useful you can request it from the website. They are closed until New Year now but hopefully then...


Hope this helps,


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