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Estrogen Dominance syndrome, any one have any advice how to manage it?


After a long and length illness and hysterectomy 6 weeks ago (leaving my ovaries) I have came across Estrogen Dominance Syndrome, after a lot of "googling" and research I have found that this his hard to be identified by the NHS.

I have nearly all of the symptoms of this, and wondering if any of you ladies out there have any experience of it.

I am planning on going to an alternative therapy clinic in the new year to see if there is anything they can do to help.

But anything will be gratefully appreciated

Sarah xx

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I've never been a great believer in alternative medicine however am now at the point where I'm willing to give anything a go so would be interested in how you get on. A few weeks ago I started taking a supplement called DIM which is supposed to help balance the hormones, I looked at Myomin too but so far have stuck with just the DIM as (as far as I know) they do the same thing) I also bought some progesterone cream and have been using that for about four days. It's too early to tell if these are helping and I guess I will never know conclusively anyway but I'm going to stick with them anyway. I got both from Amazon. Good luck, take care x


Hi - I am also interested in this and recently bought some Serenity natural progesterone cream as all of the symptoms I have had over the years point towards estrogen dominance - early periods, cervical erosion, pituitary adenoma (producing prolactin) and finally stage 4 endo. I have seen that initially using progesterone can increase symptoms - bit like when ladies start prostap etc they can feel worse before better - this has put me off and so I have not started with it yet at I don't want to have increased bloating and breast pain etc over Christmas and New Year. Be glad to see what anyone else has found out about this or their experience. It does concern me playing around with my hormones but all the evidence points towards this being a major factor in creating all of these symptoms.

All best wishes



Hi there i have been using wellsprings natural progesterone cream for 6 months. You can get an increase in symptoms for a few months this is just your body adjusting to the introduction of progesterone and the estrogen goes a little haywire! When your levels of estrogen and progesterone are level you can feel much better. I was at my last resort until I came across wellsprings website. I have tried everything from laprarocopies,coils,painkillers,The Pill etc i was the offered a full hysterectomy but for me I was scared I would have it but it would grow back. :)


Thank you I am going to give it a try.

Does a cream really work? Has it worked for you?

Sarah x


Yes it really has worked and can work for most people :). Let me know how you get on. The only thing I must stress is try and get the wellsprings natural progesterone. Good luck x


And that will balance out the estrogen?

What were your symptoms before you tried it Xx


The progesterone cream should balance out the estrogen so you have the levels of both that you should have. My symptoms prior to using the cream ; Pelvic pain, extreme exhaustion, pain in my legs and lower back and pain in my back passage, I always felt low and had no sex drive, my hair was also thinning. I would get extreme pain around ovulation for around 1 week then again before a period. What are your symptoms?


Mine started almost 2 years ago, constant left hand pain, extreme tiredness, heavy periods little sex drive and pain on intercourse, was admitted to hospital where they found 5cm cyst on my ovary. Consultant and I thought it was endo, a clear lap said it wasn't. Went for 2nd opinion where 2lap was clear also. To cut long story short had hysterectomy 7 weeks ago. They think it maybe andenmyosis but wont know untill i have my follow up app with the consiltat. But while I was in hospital my hubby came across this Estrogen dominance and told me about it. Although I have had the hysterectomy I still have my ovaries so still suffer with very bad PMT, hair is falling out, not sure about the tiredness as still recovering from the opp. But I wish I had known abut this before I had the hysterectomy I would have given it a go. But nothing was mentioned to me. Only an

Offer of a coil, which was not an option for me due to the constant pain I was in.



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