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Will I ever manage to have a baby!!

I'm 22 I had a lap in December and they removed endo cells but I have extreme scaring on my left side as my ovary was stuck to my wall, so after sorting that and the endo they discovered both my tubes were blocked! I'm in agony constantly the onli thing that held is codine and the endo diet :( I'm losing faith and becoming seriously depressed I need help or some advice please xx

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Did they remove the fallopian tubes or left them blocked inside?

Dont lose hope, even if they remove the tubes, there is always IVF with excellent success. x


as jojo said it's a long way from the end of the road, it's just that road is rockier than it is for many women.

firstly see your GP and get your depression being treated properly. it makes a HUGE difference to how well you do cope with the rest of the problems of endo to at least have your mind working properly again. Depression is a serious illness and not to be dismissed, it must be treated properly and swiftly. it will not recover all by itself in quick time. You might as well speed up your recovery of that side of things asap, because it can take 2 months or so of tablets before you really notice the benefits and it makes your view of the world so much better.

Once that is under control and on the mend (and it will get better) you can then with a clear head look at options to address fertility issues.

There is the unblocking of tubes, or removal of tubes, harvesting or eggs and having them frozen, or even removing ovaries and having them frozen for use at a later date.

You are still very young and as I said to someone else on here a few days ago, it's only since 1978 that the very 1st IVF baby was born, and technology has moved on so much since then, and who knows where it will lead in the next 20 years or your life.

So long as your uterus is the right shape and in reasonable good health then there is every reason to imagine you will one day have baby somehow. You will need assisted reproduction and that is not the easiest of options to go through, but at least you know that is the case from the start, and don't waste years trying to conceive unaware that your tubes are blocked, meanwhile your eggs are getting older and running out of steam.

It does sound like you need more surgery to cut out the endo where possible. There seems little point in holding on to blocked tubes which cause you pain and are not of any good use anymore.

You can have the tubes removed and still keep the ovaries. You can have one ovary removed if it is really bothersome and still keep the other one.

If you are not under the care of a specialist endo centre then see your GP and try and get referred to and endo specialist centre to discuss the various options available to you and your situation. you do have options, you just need a plan of action put in place to address the pains the endo and then eventually trying to conceive.

Even if you cannot have a baby it's not the end of the universe. there is life after coming to terms with being barren. I don't have kids, never got pregnant, and now know it won't ever be me that's a mum, but i am a rather accomplished Aunt, and it's very fulfilling job to have. I've got five surrogate kids (my nephews and nieces) and lots of kids of friends who are a big part of my life too. I see more of those kids that their own parents do.


Hello and thank u for your answers!

I still have both my tubes but thy are pointless but they will not remove them as the last op I had took so long and they found so much they didnt want to extend any more,

I was on anti depressants for almost 4 months but they didnt help and they made me drowsy and suicidle, I keep thinking I'm onli young I can get through this but the doc said for my age he was shocked to see how damaged I am I side! This also makes me doubt that il ever conceive .. Iv been looking into adoption when I'm in the right frame of mind and my body is better but I just want to feel my baby grow.

Also I'm on Yasmin constantly now as the pain I'm in when I stop is unbearable.



Also I'm glad you have found happiness in being an aunt! Sounds lovely I'm finding it hard to see children right now as I feel my choice has been taken away, I am very happy for u tho :)


I mean conceive through ivf ** sorry for my rambling iv never been so open before x


Impatient gave you great information and advice and you said a magic word too: adoption!

This is what I'm going to do with my husband if we dont manage to have babies on our own, its one of ultimate kind things to do ever :) x

I would love the experience of pregnancy too, but as Impatient said, you can give unconditional love by being an aunt or by adoption.

Personally, I wont give up, one way or another I will manage to give everything from the bottom of my heart to a little person. :D x


Thank u for that I thought I was the onli one thinking like that, it's hard when I see people my age with 5 kid and they neglect them, I'd be happy with giving all my love to one child (mine or not / baby or child)

Thank u for your honesty both of you I do feel slightly positive :) I wish u luck and happiness!! Xx


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