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I've just got back from the pain management clinic. I've been given a TENS device to go with my amitriptyline pills. I hope it works as I had my last zoladex implant a few weeks ago and I'm waiting for it to run out and the pain to hit me full force again. I've got a lot to think about now with the zoladex running out. I know how hard it can be to fall pregnant with endo and I do want a family with my husband when I talked to my gyna about it she just said that the endo they found on my lap was no where near my ovaries but they removed it and I don't know if it has come back in the same place or if its come back some where else? There talking about not giving me another lap for at least another year, is there any other way they can see where it has come back that I can ask about just to put my mind at rest. I was also thinking about asking about a fertility test but I don't know how long I have to wait to get back to normal after the zoladex. Sorry about that I just needed to air some stuff with people who know what I'm going through my husband has been grate and my best friend is there for me whenever I need her but they just don't completely understand

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Yea the tens machine can be quite helpful, they Definately numb down some of the pain particularly that cramping contraction pain.

I suggest you ask now about fertility, its pretty simple for them to do the hsg which they do to check tubes, and the hysteroscopy is straight forward lookin in the womb, then a sono gram can see any growths fibroids etc in womb.

They say when the endo has just been removed is the best time to conceive .......

I hope you get the family you hope for and your endo stays at bay x


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