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Worried about weight, will they do lap if it is needed? And wondering if anyone in similar situation can advise on methods?

Hey ladies

Firstly one thing bothering me is that I've recently gained weight. Over the last year-18 months that I've been on the Depo injection I've put on 1st. I'm guessing this is cos of weight gain being a typical side-effect, because I put on 2st in 6 months on the contraceptive implant 6 years ago!! But I'm currently 13st 5lb (84.8kg), and I'm 5ft 7in. I know muscle weighs more than the same amount in, say, litres than fat does and I walk a lot so have a lot of muscle in my legs and also quite a bit in my stomach (left over from my karate days), but I'm worried that they'll say I'm too overweight if they want to do a laparoscopy or something. I can't afford to go to the gym until after Xmas, but come Jan I do intend to be down the gym or swimming every weekday (which worked last time I had to lose weight in 2011, I lost 2st in 2 months), and my first gynae appt isn't until 2nd Jan. Do you think I'll be ok for an op?

Also, I am going to request a hysterectomy if they find endo (I'm certain it is back, but obviously need their confirmation). IF they agree, and I know that is a big if, I'm worried about the method they'll use. For a bit of background, I've had loop diathermy on my cervix for CIN 1 in 2006, and 3 transverse incision emergency c-sections (in 2006, 2007 and 2008). I've heard that if you've had c-sections they prefer to do abdominal incision. But I would prefer laparoscopy, vaginal, or LAVH, simply because I've got 5 kids and cannot afford to be out of action for as long as full open surgery will knock me back for as my husband is only allowed 2 weeks off at a time and I have nobody else to help with the kids as my parents are both disabled and hubby's parents don't drive and live 10 miles away! Do you think they would listen to my request of method, or considering my history am I doomed to full open surgery if they do agree to hysterectomy?

Thanks ladies, sorry for the long post x

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what is you BMI? it doesnt sound like your over weight by the height and weight you have mentioned (i would love to be that weight, or even somewhere near it lol) - at the beginning of this year my BMI was 50, huge i know, and i have managed to reduce it to just under 40, still very over weight but that was what they told me i'd have to do in order for them to consider doing a lap, it was said to me in such a manner, like she did not expect me ever to lose that kind of weight which made me determined to do it. i think the weight you are will be fine for an op.

with regard to the method of how they do the hysterectomy, whichever way they do it you will still need rest, just because you will have no outward scar you will still need to heal inside which takes the same amount of time - my mum, my aunties, my nan and most recently my sister have all have hysterectomies, and all in their 30's so i've seen enough evidence to know this is true, the first 6 weeks are crucial that you rest, even up to 12 wks before going back to work and heavy lifting is restricted for months.

hope it all works out for you xxx

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Hey worth. Thanks for your reply.

I just used an online BMI calculator and my BMI is 29.3. I know that that is overweight (in fact they actually class over 29.9 as obese, and I'm sorry I may be overweight but I'm nowhere near obese!! I have a lot of muscle and BMI doesn't take that into account. A friend of mine is a personal trainer and she's a size 8 and about my height, but cos she's nothing but muscle her BMI says she's obese!! I hate when drs simply go by BMI cos it's not an accurate indicator of how overweight someone actually is).

Anyway, fingers crossed then that they'll do the op if I need one. And as I said I'll be losing weight anyway come January.

I know I'll still need rest after a hysterectomy no matter which way they do it, but I know that some methods (like laparoscopy) have a faster recovery period than, say, full open surgery. I just hope they listen otherwise I'll be in big trouble!!


i would imagine you will be fine, BMI is only a guideline and should only be used as just that - and yes i have heard that a hysterectomy done by key hole is a much quicker recovery

good luck xx


Hi I'm am 16 stone so I'm overweight too, been told I need to get to 100 now I'm 103, so I need to try to lose weight but easier said, I am dissabled due to three level disc disease, but I am now on the list for full hysterectomy taking my ovaries out, plus my womb, my bowel is stuck too which is serious, so I could end up with a bag, which terrifies me. But I ask how it was going to be done but my gyno said straight away either cut upwards or across my belly, I wanted the easy option but he didn't even give me a choice, so don't no how you will get on, good luck. I was also told I would be in for four days or more, and the time to heal is about six weeks no driving lifting or working which I cannot do. I hope you get somewhere with yours, good luck


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